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An Exploration of Gambling Mathematics

If you have heard the term ‘Gambling Mathematics’ you are sure to have understood it to be a close link between gambling and mathematics. While casino online games are commonly touted to be that of luck, it does feel strange when someone brings the term mathematics into the picture.

In doing so, we will be off to explore a whole new genre, one that requires a few things to be explored. So read the following as we discover the relationship between gambling and mathematics.

The Close Link

The link-up between gambling and mathematics is believed to have started in the 16th century when Gerolamo Cardano wrote one of the most famous manuals in gambling that went on to outline a number of aspects relating to the possibility of events.

This leads to the inclusion of probability and it can be understood when you look at the different combinations that come from rolling dice. When you bring two dice into the picture, you can understand that they bring in 36 different combinations. That is a simple fact and you don’t have to read from the experiences of famous gamblers to understand that.

However, out of the 36 combinations, only two will produce two sixes and understanding that can be termed as the beginning of probability. This simple theory has evolved over the years and has reached a stage where players can use maths to understand the risk that comes from gambling. 

And as we all know gambling has a lot of risks, especially with the inclusion of finance, the odds that matter and more. All these aspects need to be assessed and by bringing maths onto the table, you will begin to understand and explore the risks that come with gambling. 

By using maths, players can also understand the probability of winning, volatility index, duration of the game and more. The link-up is so obvious that you also have gambling books that talk about this particular subject and explore it with ease. 

While not many players employ maths for their gambling-related activities, they need to consider the same and understand the impact that it can create. In doing so, the process becomes a lot clearer and you will be able to move ahead in a proper manner.

Whether you are a male or a female gambler, the implication of maths can change the way you gamble and bring about a whole new picture into the scene. But do we have an example to elaborate on this? 

A Group of MIT Students

While using maths to assess your risks and play things safe is quite legal, it may not be considered the same when you bring in maths to beat the system. Casinos won’t  appreciate it and the only time that a group of people decided to do it, they ended up getting caught and we also have a Hollywood blockbuster about them. So which is this group? 

Going back to the 1990s, when mobile casino games were not widely talked about, a group of MIT students entered different casinos in Las Vegas with the aim of taking home a huge sum of money. Although the plan was risky and more or less dangerous, they ended up winning over $400,000. 

While that sum may not be a lot right now, it sure was a large sum of money in the 1990s. This team of MIT students were the first to realise that maths could be used to break down the system and take things into their hands. 

However, in the modern era, such systems are quite impossible. The modern era of gambling, where you have mobile gambling to start with, comes with advanced security systems and other enhanced features that almost forces everyone to follow the rules and regulations of gambling. 

And in all fairness, you need to follow the rules and play accordingly. Deciding to follow another system and trying to bring down the current one is not considered a right way to go about gambling. 

Hence, stick to what you know and avoid inviting huge risks by following the path of responsible gambling. 

Does it really help?

The story from MIT might seem like a winner but it is clear that it is quite hard to follow the same in the modern era. We are not from MIT nor are we clear on all points that talk about the implication of maths on gambling. 

So it is important for one to go behind this link up and try to understand a thing or two? More than the answer, it is all about the type of gambler that you want to be. Do you want to be someone who gambles for fun or someone who wants to make an attempt to go further?

In times when we have people believing in the gambler’s fallacy, it is quite important to understand the type of gambler that you are before coming to terms with a decision. If you are someone who plays for fun, including maths will do you no good. 

On the other hand, if you want to take things seriously and try your luck, the inclusion of maths could be something that you consider. Be it live casino online or gambling card games at an offline casino, you could try to use maths to understand the risk. 

However, you should also understand that the inclusion of maths is not something that guarantees a victory. It takes time to understand the whole process and if you were to do so, you need to be patient. 

You cannot expect to go home with a big cheque by merely adopting maths and believing that it will work out. You need to have a solid foundation for the same and should look to make it all count in the right manner. Hence, that was our take on the link-up between gambling and maths, thereby classifying them as gambling mathematics. 

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An Exploration of Gambling Mathematics
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Posted On : 03/06/2022

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