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Bingo has been one of the most popular games for a long time among game lovers across the world, and online bingo is the modern version of the classic bingo game. If you are looking for a top, reliable site to enjoy online bingo, without a doubt, Monster Casino is your go-to option. As a leading online casino, we provide a memorable gaming experience and take the fun a notch higher.

If you have experienced our other variants of casino games before, you will probably know by now that we are one of the best sites in the UK to play online bingo. Even if you haven't experienced it yet, you are about to find it out very soon! Join our online bingo community and add more colours to your gaming experience at Monster Casino

Whether you want to play 75-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, Pattern Bingo, or 90-ball bingo, we have an exclusive room catering to all the varieties just for you! Regardless of your gaming flexibility, you can access our broad spectrum of online bingo games at any time and anywhere, and elevate your experience with our plethora of extra bonuses and promotions offered on the website. If online bingo games are not your cup of tea, we also have many other online and mobile casino games, including online blackjack and online roulette. All you need to do is pick your favourite game and start playing.

To make sure that our online bingo lobby fits the standard of like-minded players, it is optimized to offer the best quality gaming experience to our UK players, allowing you to play the games on multiple devices like mobile, tablet, desktop, and so on. So, buckle up as you are going on a long streak to the most exciting and thrilling journey to bingo!

Backstory Of The Colourful Evolution of Online Bingo

Did you know that Bingo was initially known as Lotto? Yes! When the game was introduced first during the 16th century in the early 1500s, it debuted as "Il Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia". The popularity of Bingo games has since been consistent among game lovers, young and old. It is one of the most classic types of activities that are widely played all over the world. When the game's popularity reached the US, the Americans referred to Lotto as Beano, which soon evolved into what we now know today as Bingo.

Today, online bingo is widely played practically everywhere in the world, and it is safe to say that the game has a separate cult following because of the nature of the game. A classic bingo game involves a card containing numbers from 1 to 25 placed randomly, wherein each player takes turns to call out a number from the list, and if the number is on your card, you strike it off. The first player to successfully strike off an entire line, vertically, diagonally, or horizontally becomes the winner.

With the increase of popularity of online casinos, there has been a substantial shift in the favour of bingo as well. We can say that online bingo has significantly advanced with various features and types, adding more fun and excitement to the game and uniting bingo lovers from all across the globe.

Mainly in the UK iGaming market, we have noticed a huge surge in the popularity of online bingo after the transformation from offline to online platforms, which revamped the bingo industry.

Explore a Variety of Online Bingo Games In One Zone

With the increasing popularity of online bingo games, several game providers in the industry come up with a variety of bingo games, enhancing the gameplay and excitement of the game. While offline bingo halls come with only limited area and workforce, the provider of online bingo games offer an assortment, such as 90 ball bingo and 45 ball bingo.

The most common online bingo game is played with either 75 numbered balls, which come in a 5-by-5 grid or 90 numbered balls, which come in a 3-by-9 grid. The main goal of the bingo game is to complete a single line, double line, or complete a full house by having all the bingo numbers called out. Have a look at the various types of online bingo games available and how each of them works.

90 Ball Bingo

Probably the most common online bingo variant of all on our casino platform, you will find a sweet collection of 90 ball bingo games with us. The 90 ball bingo type is what you will commonly find at offline bingo halls, and is a popular choice among bingo players. The numbers on the 90 ball bingo cards are usually arranged in ascending order on every line. Try our popular 90 ball bingo variants like Bingo 90 and Deal or No Deal 90 ball bingo.

How it works - In a game of 90 ball bingo casino, there will be 6 individual cards on the screen with 3-by-9 grid dimensions each, where each line is filled with five numbers, and each grid is filled with three lines. So, in total, there will be 90 numbers, 15 numbers on each grid, which is where the name of the bingo variant derives from. The goal of playing the 90 ball bingo is to fill in the card with as many numbers as possible and complete the three different lines— single, double, and full house.

In a typical game of 90 ball online bingo game variant, you can win three different rewards. The first reward you win is when you successfully fill in the card with numbers, making a full horizontal line on the grid. The second reward is when you manage to make a double horizontal row on the grid. The final reward is secured when you create a full house, which is achieved when you match all the single numbers on each card. The reward of a full house is typically the most fruitful. In case of multiple players winning the same prize during the same game round, the reward is split.

80 Ball Bingo

In a game of 80 ball bingo, numbers between 1 to 80 are split on a 4-by-4 grid layout with one blank space in the centre. Each line is allocated for a set of 20 numbers, distinguished by specific colours. For instance, 1-20 bingo balls will be assigned to red colour, 21-40 bingo balls to blue colours, and so on.

How it works- One of the major differences between other bingo variants and 80 ball bingo is that, here, the caller will call out the colour before the number, for example, 'red 19' or 'blue 25'. So, in a way, it is easier for players to play this game if they usually find it difficult to keep up with bingo jargon like 'one little duck' and 'dancing queen'.

When the caller calls a number, and it matches the number on your bingo card, you need to mark it accordingly. In online bingo, the marking is done automatically, however, you can also switch to a manual style if you prefer the traditional version. In this bingo version, there are typically 4 types of winning rewards— four corners, two lines, line, and full house. A four corner pattern unlocks when you create a square of four numbers. However, this will depend on the game rules from providers. The line reward is given to the first player to fill in a line of any order. A full house prize is awarded to the first player who manages to fill in all the 16 numbers on their bingo card. Meanwhile, two lines pattern is achieved when a player successfully fills in two lines on the cards in any order.

45 Ball Bingo

This variant of online bingo works similarly to the classic bingo game, except that it contains a total of 45 icons instead of 25.c In this type as well, the cards are designed with 3-by-9 grids. The 45 ball bingo is one of the newer versions of online bingo, where the bingo tickets are filled with various themes depending on the game and game providers. Instead of numbers, this bingo version comes with images, where players need to match the icons on the card when it is called out.

How it works- Each bingo card will be filled with images like animals, flowers, vegetables, emojis, etc. Players need to collect and match the images on the cards. Just like in 90 ball bingo, you get multiple chances to win rewards. If you manage to fill the entire card, you win a full house reward.

50 Ball Bingo

This online bingo variant is another new addition to modern bingo games, and because it is fairly new to the bingo market, you will rarely find this variant online. However, like the 30 ball bingo, the 50 ball bingo is a fast-paced game because of the smaller number on the cards. Numbers 1 to 50 will be displayed on 5 cards of 5x2 grid dimension, each grid containing 10 numbers.

How it works- The process of playing the 50 ball bingo game is quite similar to the popular 90 ball bingo, except that the game ends faster. Here, you need to strike off the numbers on your bingo card every time a number is called out. In this game, players will have two chances to win. The main goal is to fill one line each of the bingo tickets to win. If you fill in both lines, it will be a full house win.

75 Ball Bingo

Another popular online bingo variant after 90 ball bingo is the 75 ball bingo. The only difference between the two is that the 75 ball bingo is less traditional than the 90 ball bingo, and sometimes, it is played in patterns instead of numbers. It is an exciting variant of the game of bingo. Just as the name suggests, this bingo variant features 75 balls on 5-by-5 grid dimension bingo cards. Players need to fill in certain numbers or connect the numbers to form a line to win. Some 75 ball bingo also comes with a pattern system, where you need to create specific winning patterns on the bingo card.

How it works- In this bingo variant, a 5-by-5 bingo card will contain 24 numbers each with a blank space in the middle. The goal is to achieve a full house win by matching the numbers every time a digit is called out and aligning a specific winning pattern accordingly. The caller will call out the number, and you cross the numbers. The player who completes the entire pattern wins the game. The winning lines can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

30 Ball Bingo

The 30 ball bingo is like the cousin of 90 ball bingo. It is also often known as the 'Speed Bingo' because of the speed of the gameplay. In 30 ball bingo, you will get 9 bingo cards or tickets with a 3-by-3 grid filled with random numbers between 1 to 30. If you prefer a brief and fast bingo game, this variant is made for you because you will reach the climax of the game quicker than any other variants of online bingo. Likewise, the only way to win this game is to get a full house. And to achieve that, you have to be the first player to fill in all the number patterns on your bingo card!

How it works- Unlike the rest of the online bingo variants, the 30 ball bingo is slightly different. Here, you only get one chance to mark off all the numbers on your card and win the game. This is the reason one needs to be quick in this bingo variant. In 30 ball bingo, a player can purchase up to 96 tickets per game. This means, the more tickets you buy, the higher chance you stand to win the prize. It is an ideal bingo game when you are in the mood to play multiple cards at once.

Heavyweight Bingo

This type of online bingo is ideal for players who are looking for a potential high payout. It is a 90 ball bingo but faster, more fun and thrilling. The highlight of this bingo version is the supersized prize pot, which means, the return is much bigger than you would see in standard 90 ball bingo games or the other variants. Just as any other 90 ball bingo game, the heavyweight bingo comes with a 3-by-9 grid dimension featuring numbers between 1 to 90. Here, you will get three opportunities to win the game— one line, double line, and a full house.

How it works- To play the heavyweight bingo, you need to mark off the numbers every time the bingo caller calls out a number. If you fail to keep up with the marking manually, there is no need to worry as the numbers will be automatically struck off. In addition, you will find the list of numbers that are already called out on the side panels of the game screen. When you create a special pattern on the grid as you mark off the numbers, you achieve a reward. To achieve each of the three rewards in the heavyweight bingo, the following are the requirements. For one line reward, you must mark off every number on a single line— vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. For two line rewards, you must mark off every number on two lines— vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. For a full house reward, you must mark off all the numbers on the bingo card. In the case of multiple players participating in a particular game, the winning value will be split equally.

Set, Spin, & Bingo With Our Most Popular Bingo Slots

At Monster Casino, we are proud to keep up the expectations and quality services as our name, and just like that, our monster-sized lobby of bingo slots will impress you with the features, quality, rewards, and many more. Take a break from your daily tasks and explore our range of bingo slots curated by all the top and most reliable game providers in the market. We promise you— it is going to be epic, and you don't want to miss this!

Our community of online bingo slots is ready to welcome you to discover why bingo lovers choose our platform to play. The best part is that you can play the games with any device— be it a mobile phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, and you will experience the same quality level of gaming!

Bingo Blitzer

A bingo slot game developed and designed by Skywind, one of the ultimate game providers in the industry, Bingo Blitzer is a 3-by-5 and 20 pay line slot game. This game promises direct chances to make big wins. In the game, you get to explore some comical bingo balls along with traditional symbols, such as 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, which takes the game to a different level altogether. It offers a fantastic chance for bigger payouts and substantial wins when you make combinations of the symbols mentioned above.

Bingo Delight

This is a hybrid game with a fun combination of bingo and scratch cards, offering players good potential for big wins up to 10,000x. This bingo game is developed by Spinoro and allows you to engage in a bingo experience with a fun twist. This game comes with a 6 lines format with an RTP of 92.56%, offering dynamic balanced gameplay. The highlight of this game is the lottery system, which makes the gameplay a lot more exciting and intense. Try the demo version now and get familiar with the game flow before you start wagering with real money!

Reel Fruity Bingo

Another exciting bingo slot game on our website, this bingo and slot hybrid game is your go-to choice if you need a break from the standard casino slot games. Featuring on a 5-by-3 reel grid, Reel Fruity Bingo by Slot Factory provides you with a chance to win up to 500 times your bet value if luck is on your side! You will be playing with some classic fruity symbols, enhanced with exciting reward features like Bingo Bonanza, free spins, and more!

My Bingo Hall

This is another hybrid slingo of slot and bingo game created by Eyecon Gaming. It features standard 3-by-5 reels and 25 pay lines, which are not fixed— meaning that you can adjust or modify the pay lines as per your taste! You will be playing My Bingo Halls with 10 symbols, which are derived from bingo calls and related objects, such as Top of the Shop 90, clickety-click 66, Two Fat Ladies 88, Brighton Line 59, Two Little Ducks 22, bullseye 50, PM’s den number 10, legs eleven 11, a bingo marker, and a pie and chips. You will also come across bingo call-based wild and scatter symbols, making your playtime with My Bingo Hall much more exciting.

How To Buy Online Bingo Tickets And Play At Monster Casino?

At Monster Casino, purchasing a bingo ticket is not as complicated as you might expect. In fact, it is as seamless. And what's better? All our online bingo games are optimized for different screen sizes, ensuring to create a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience! Wondering how to start buying your first online bingo ticket and play at Monster Casino? Just follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1:Register

    Before anything else, the first and foremost step to get started with Monster Casino is to register a player account with us. This can be carried out by entering certain personal details like your first and last name, email address, mobile number, address, and so on. This will take less than 60 seconds to sign up on your mobile device!

  • Step 2: Deposit

    Once you have registered yourself as a player on our website, the next step you'd want to follow is to deposit a minimum sum to start playing the online bingo games. You can deposit the fund using multiple payment options offered by us via your mobile phone or desktop platform, such as a debit/credit card, E-wallets, or Pay by Mobile, to name a few.

  • Step 3: Get the Game Started

    After you have initiated the deposit and the fund reflects on your account balance, you can instantly access your favourite bingo games. We have a wide range of online bingo games in our game lobby. To purchase your bingo ticket, go to the Online Bingo section, select a bingo game of your choice, and click on 'ticket'. Do note that you can buy multiple bingo tickets at once, however, the maximum count can vary from game to game. Then, click “Buy Tickets”. Some bingo games also provide the option to purchase the tickets prior to starting the games. For such, you may search for the 'Pre-Buy' option in a game, and choose the number of tickets you wish to buy for a scheduled bingo game. Pre-booked bingo tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded once bought.

    At some point in time, you might want to withdraw the winnings you made at Monster Casino. However, before you place a withdrawal request, you need to complete your account verification. This is to ensure the authenticity of the account holder and comply with the policy of our licensing operator. Here is a quick guide for you:

  • Step 4: Account Verification Process

    Verifying your identity on our website plays a very crucial role. As a UK-based gambling operator, we need to verify your identity details, which you are required to submit before executing your first withdrawal. The verification process is super easy and is not time-consuming. All you need to do is upload a copy of your ID card like a driving licence. If there is anything more required, we will keep you updated through your registered email.

  • Step 5: Withdrawal

    Once your account gets verified by us, you are free to request a withdrawal! To initiate your first withdrawal, log in to your player account, go to 'Withdraw', and simply choose how much you wish to cash out. After you confirm the sum, the funds will be sent back to the same method that you used to make a deposit!

Online Bingo vs Bingo Halls

Every bingo player has their distinct preferences for playing the game, regardless of whether one is experienced or not. Some prefer playing bingo online and some enjoy more at bingo halls. However, online bingo and bingo halls are two distinct ways to enjoy the game of Bingo, each with its own set of advantages and characteristics. If you are wondering which is better, the following explanation could help you determine whether it is better to play bingo at an offline bingo hall or online.

While the concepts of both variants are similar, the style of playing the bingo game can be slightly different between the two. The following factors and characteristics can help you understand the difference between online bingo and bingo halls. At the end of the day, it is okay even if you prefer to play both variants!

  • Community Engagement

    An obvious distinction between playing bingo at bingo halls and online is the game setting. Bingo halls typically serve as a community place for bingo lovers to gather and have a lively time enjoying the game together.

    Meanwhile, online bingo is set online, where bingo enthusiasts can play the game from their homes or anywhere straight from their mobile phones without any interruption. To put it in other words, online bingo is perfect for those who prefer to play in a quieter or calmer environment with the option to chat with fellow players in the chatroom.

    In both variants, you still get involved with the bingo community in one way or another.

  • Bliss of Convenience

    Without a doubt, we can say that playing bingo from an online platform is way more convenient than visiting a bingo hall. Playing online bingo means that you can choose any bingo game at any time and anywhere and play on the go, especially when you are short on time or don't feel like going out.

    On the other hand, visiting a bingo hall just to play a few rounds of bingo games can be a task, from travelling all the way, to having to dress up, making online bingo a more ideal option for many players.

  • Variety of Bingo Options

    Being the modern version of the traditional bingo game, online bingo often comes in a wide range of game variations, themes, and ticket prices to cater to the different preferences of the players in the UK. Meanwhile, land-based bingo halls are often limited in bingo rooms and attendants and typically offer only popular bingo games like 90 ball bingo.

    We have a wide selection of online bingo at Monster Casino unlike in bricks-and-mortar bingo halls, which you can access at any time, while bingo halls typically only let you play limited bingo games at a specified time.

  • Speed of Play

    Another distinction between online bingo and bingo halls is the pace of the games. Although this is an individual preference, the speed of play at bingo halls relatively lasts longer as compared to online bingo as it involves chitchatting among the players like in social gatherings. So, the time eventually passes by slower while playing offline bingos.

    On the other hand, online bingo is quick and fast. Once the game starts, the numbers will be called out every three seconds, making it a much quicker game. Online bingo is ideal for players who like to save time and focus more on the rewards and thrills. Moreover, online bingo comes with additional features and tools that help in assisting your bingo cards.

  • Cost Of Bingo Tickets

    Another distinction between online bingo and bingo halls is the cost of bingo tickets. Approximately, visiting a bingo hall can cost you around £30, which can include factors like the price of bingo tickets, transportation, food, drinks, and so on.

    On the contrary, online bingo does not require extra expenses like the above. Players only need to focus on the price of bingo tickets, which typically can cost as low as £0.20, making the online platform not only convenient but economical. Wondering which online bingo game to pick to kickstart your adventure at Monster Casino? Just browse our game lobby and find the one that is most appealing to your eyes!

Boost Your Online Bingo Experience With Extra Rewards And Promotions

What's better than having access to the widest range of your favourite online bingo games? Of course, it should be rewards and promotional offers! At Monster Casino, you will experience exactly that kind of perks! Right from the moment you sign up for a player account, we welcome our players with an impressive welcome package to help kick-start your gaming journey with us!

If you sign up for an account, you will be eligible to avail of our welcome package as a new player, which is up to £1,000 with extra free spins! Our welcome bonus can be activated with a minimum first deposit of just £20 on selected games. Utilize the extra welcome bonus on your next online bingo wagering while getting a taste of the variety of other casino game options.

In addition to our welcome bonus, we also provide different kinds of promotional deals and offers now and then, which you can take part in it throughout the week! Whether you are up for a Friday boost, weekend cashback, Saturday deals, or a Sunday Funday kind of promotion, we have them all for you. Just visit our 'Promotions' page and explore all the various promotions we are currently offering!

Rules of Online Bingo

Since the rules of bingo games, in general, are easy to comprehend and follow, most players of all ages enjoy playing this game, regardless of whether it is online bingo or offline bingo. There are primarily three ways to win a bingo game as per the game rules:

One Line

Players must mark off all the numbers in a single line, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Two Lines

Players must mark off all the numbers in two lines, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Full House

Players must mark off all the numbers visible on the bingo card to win.

In most classic bingo games like the 75 ball bingo, the first player to strike off five numbers in a line wins the game. The line can be vertical, diagonal, or horizontal. However, in the modern version of 75 ball bingo, you will come across different rules.

To begin an online bingo game, you buy a bingo ticket first, wherein, each card features a grid filled with random numbers. The grid dimension and numerical spacing will vary depending on which online bingo variant you are playing. Then, the caller calls out random numbers and the players mark off the number on the card that matches accordingly.

The host of the bingo game will continue to call out the random numbers until one of the players completes all patterns on the bingo card. Before that, a specific pattern will be announced by the caller at the start of the game, which all the participating players need to compete to be the first player to fill in the pattern. Some of the common patterns you will come across in standard online bingo games are crosses, diamonds, chevrons, lines, four corners, full house, outside edge, and so on.

Every round of bingo will feature a set time, in which the players must score as many points as possible. The bingo player with the best score wins the game.


Is It Possible To Play For Real Money Online Bingo At Monster Casino?

Yes, we at Monster Casino bring you a plethora of online bingo games that are designed and created by the most renowned game providers in the industry.

How Can I Win In Online Bingo?

The rules of online bingo are generally simple to understand and follow, and it will depend on the types of bingo you are playing. The rules of the game will be provided within the game settings, which you are suggested to check before you start playing. Typically, in a game of bingo, you can win by being the first player to fill in the numbers creating one line, double line, four corners, or full house. Full house is typically the highest level of reward in online bingo games.

How Long Does An Online Bingo Game Last?

A game of online bingo can typically last around ten to fifteen minutes. However, it can even end earlier than this if a lucky player manages to achieve a full house game.

How Do The Numbers In Online Bingo Generate? Is It Fair?

The random numbers called out by the game host are generated through RNG (Random Number Generator) software, which uses cutting-edge algorithms to generate a series of random numbers, providing equal opportunities for all the players to win a game. Therefore, all our RNG-based games are operated totally fair and honest.

Why Choose Monster Casino?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Monster Casino for playing online bingo. Apart from being a popular platform for live casinos, it is also a perfect destination for online bingo. The different bingo variants available on our platform can provide an enjoyable experience. We aim to make online bingo convenient and offer you unmatched gaming experiences. Our innovative graphics make the games more engaging for the players. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to secure the personal and financial information of the players.

In addition to the great collection of online games, we also provide a wide range of bonuses to our players. Happy Gaming!