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What You Should Know About Parlay Bets


eSports betting is rapidly becoming a major trend in recent times. Whether you are a cricket betting enthusiast or like betting on football, you must have heard of the parlay bet. Parlay bets occupy a special place in the world of sports betting. They are an excellent choice as they provide the bettors with an opportunity to win huge money. To win big, it is important for you to have complete knowledge about the parlay bets

What is Parlay Bet?

While parlay bet is a popularly used term, some people may be hearing it for the very first time. Parlay bets are often described by different terms owing to the location. At times, they are called “multis” or “accumulators”. A parlay bet is a combination of a number of bets into a bigger bet. In order to win, all the outcomes need to be correct. Even if a single bet fails, you will lose the entire bet. 

Parlay bets seem to take your excitement level a notch higher as there is more action involved in this betting type. However, as you need to win all the bets, parlays are also riskier in comparison to the standard bets.

Pay Out of a Parlay Bet

The pay out of the parlay bet mainly depends on the number of bets you include in the parlay. All the complex calculations are done by the sportsbook. So, you can get a clear idea of what the payout will be before you place the bet. The calculations are especially difficult when there are more odds present in a parlay. 

Understanding the odds and payouts of the parlay bets will enable you to decide whether you want to take the risk or not. The more bets you include, the greater will be the odds of your parlay. Moreover, the betting odds of parlays will always be positive.  That means you can expect a larger pay out. 

Benefits of Parlay Bets

Are you wondering about the benefits of parlay bets? Well, there are many. Whether you are interested in Trixie betting or arbitrage betting, knowing the benefits is important. Here are some of the most prominent ones. Let’s take a look!

  • Large Payout

One of the prominent benefits that appeal to the enthusiastic bettors is the large pay out. Even if you make a small bet, the chances are high that you will win big. The pay out size mainly depends on the size of the bet you place. The 2-team and 3-team parlays can provide you with decent pay outs. However, if you are looking for a really big hit, the 5-10 team parlay is the best option to go for.

  • Combination of Standard Wagers and Prop Bets

The parlay bets allow you to easily combine the standard wagers and the prop bets. It allows you to mix point spread, moneyline, as well as prop bet in one betting slip. This, in turn, can provide you with more thrills even when placing small wagers. While you could still read a few sports betting tips in this regard, you still need practice to understand the combination.

  • Provides More Action

A significant drawback of the singles is that you get action only on one outcome. However, that is not the case with the parlay bets. It can provide you with more action. When you bet on different teams, you get an opportunity to monitor different matches and relate your bet. Even if you are risking a small amount, you are likely to get much more entertainment than expected. 

  • Combines Favorable Lines

It happens many times when bettors come across multiple bets on the sports betting site but do not have the bankroll to bet on. However, with the parlay bets, you can easily place such bets. It allows you to make the most of the available opportunities at a lower cost. That means you can easily place a single bet and capitalize on a number of favorable lines. 

Disadvantages of Parlay Bets

The parlay bet can provide you with a number of benefits. However, there are certain drawbacks too. 

  • Winning Odds are Low

The parlay bets provide you with an opportunity to get bigger prizes without taking much risk. However, one of the downsides of this is that you will not be able to collect the payouts very often. The winning odds of a parlay are considered to be low. It is mainly because of the fact that you need to win all the bets in order to win big.

  • Involves Volatility

Volatility refers to the likeliness of short-term odds in relation to the long-term chances of winning. In parlay betting, you are likely to come across lots of volatility. The volatility is extremely low in the case of the single bets that come with even odds. It is because the winning chance is 50/50. However, the parlay bets are quite different. To get paid, you will have to win a number of bets. The winning chances of 2-team and 3-team parlays are less in comparison to the single bets. 

  • Difficulty in Bankroll Management

Whether you are interested in rugby betting or any other sports betting, bankroll management is quite difficult when placing a parlay bet. Bankroll management can be defined as the practice of effectively managing your betting fund in order to minimize your risk. Because the winning odds are less in the case of the parlay bet, bankroll management becomes difficult. In order to ensure better management, it is essential for you to bet only a very small percentage of your entire bankroll.


Parlay betting is quite interesting as well as exciting. It is quite common to be tempted to place parlay bets. However, you need to be very careful when playing these bets. Understanding the pros, cons, and best strategies can help in enhancing your winning chances. Make sure to avoid betting on the 4-team parlays or higher. Whether you want to bet on cricket or horse race cards, figure out the best strategy first and then place your parlay bet. This can help in reducing your potential risk and ensuring better bankroll management. 

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What You Should Know About Parlay Bets
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