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A Short Glimpse On Various Technological Trends Dominating The iGaming industry A Short Glimpse On Various Technological Trends Dominating The iGaming industry

A Short Glimpse On Various Technological Trends Dominating The iGaming industry

A Short Glimpse On Various Technological Trends Dominating The iGaming industry

We are living in a world which is developing day by day. These developments can be found in each and every field of the economic and financial sections of all countries. The iGaming industry offers no difference to this scenario. iGaming is described as placing a bet on the result of a game online. This includes sports betting, online casinos, poker etc. Among this major share is taken by the online casinos.

With the upcoming of the online casino games, a new revolution has been initiated in the casino industry. People have to just sit back at their respective homes, obtain a secured internet connection and indulge in their favourite casino games. This has helped reduce the investments of time and money required for gambling. 

The iGaming industry is undergoing rapid development. As far as the development in the gaming industry is concerned, iGaming is also on the same path. Various advancements in the technological and gameplay field have introduced many new tools and interfaces into this industry. This had, in turn, increased the player comfort and is taking this online gambling into the next levels. This rapid development is triggering iGaming hubs and other such services to pop up like bubbles in foam water. Here are some of the new trends that are making waves in the iGaming industry.

Content commodification

As far as this industry is considered, content is the real hero. More than 3000 gambling games are available in the market now. Despite this, each month is witnessing the exposure of some 50 new games each. So people often get confused with, which game is nice? Which will give the right feel of gambling? So the companies are coming with new content and interactive gameplays to drive player traffic towards their games. 

Crypto-currency payments

The money transactions in online gambling were made through credit or debit cards in the initial years. But now, with the inscription of the block-chain mechanisms, payments through cryptocurrencies have triggered the increase in the comfort of the player. This eliminated the earlier difficulty and time-consuming method and brought a new method that instantly does required transactions. 

Mobile understanding of iGaming

Earlier gaming was limited to PCs and gaming hubs. But mobiles emerged as reduced versions of PC that fits into our palms; gaming also came into mobile screens. So now, companies in the iGaming industry are coming out with the best versions of online games that are compatible with mobile operating systems and screen sizes. About 65–70% of the annual iGaming turnover comes through mobile devices.      

Turning a seed into a plant

Everyone knows about the advancements in the gaming industry. Likewise, the iGaming industry is also in constant research, to develop the quality of the gameplay. This is similar to changing a seed into a big plant. They have succeeded in this greatly. Many gambling games now are packed with more features creating a better experience for the gamer. This include, power-ups, leader boards, tournaments and other such things.

Player understanding of iGaming

More companies now have huge databases. They maintain a constant analysis of this. This results in predictions for the player to plan or strategise his/her gameplay. They are also now adding different options for this. Now gambling has become a new and innovative experience for any gambler.

Ease in the initial setup

It’s now a lot easier to start a casino site. It only requires some skilled website designers, a handful of casino games available out in the market, and a good gambling license. In the past years, it was really tough for someone to enter into the gambling business.  

Data and Artificial intelligence

The outpour of AR & VR has increased the experience of gambling. Now rather than just looking into the play screen, VR boxes are available. These when fitting in front of eyes, takes the player to a new world where he/she feels just like being in a gambling hub. It creates the casinos virtually having virtual characters and players. What you see on your mobile screen or PC screen, you can now experience. The VR boxes are not a private introduction into the iGaming industry, but it is a general introduction to the Gaming industry. VR boxes have ultimately given a golden touch to the gambling field.

As mentioned above, every industry is constantly changing, getting new and better and getting converted into new and better versions of themselves. iGaming is also the same. With new factors and influencers that shape the gameplay, gambling has now become an even more thrilling experience.

A Short Glimpse On Various Technological Trends Dominating The iGaming industry
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Posted On : 25/11/2019

Author : Cameron Riddell