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The Growth Of Mobile Gambling

According to the recent studies done by On Device Research and AdColony, 42% of total gambling revenues in 2017 come from phone casino gaming. This industry has annual revenues of $50 billion. This is almost half of the global gaming revenues worldwide. This revenue is also projected to grow by roughly 52% in the year 2022.

Today mobile phones are integral parts of people’s life. That is why this mobile casino gaming trend is noticed by both players as well as investors. But only time can reveal the full potential of mobile gaming.

The Growth Of Mobile Gambling

Phone Casino Gaming Through The Years

Nowadays, the mobile devices no longer come with small screens. The ease to play on a mobile device has increased manifold. In fact, some of the mobile game titles are even better in quality than their PC counterparts.

Now developers are able to optimise phone casino games. It enables them to easily roll out new game titles without compromising on graphics. Thus, players of slot games are able to access the lush graphics and superb gameplay found in slots.

Investors Get In On The Act

Investors are rushing to take part in the phone casino revolution. According to Reuters, Voodoo, a mobile game developer, received $200 million investment from the private equity fund of Goldman and Sachs. This hefty investment made Goldman and Sachs a key shareholder.

Gumi, the maker of Brave Frontier and a Japanese mobile game maker is currently launching an investment of $30 million towards blockchain technology. It will solidify the alliance between cryptocurrency and mobile gaming. As a result, the potential of the two will be limitless.

Mobile Gaming In The Modern World

Today, people are busier than ever. As a result, they don’t have the time to sit down before a monitor and play either a PC or console game for long hours.

Phone Casino gaming takes care of this by letting people play anytime and anywhere. They can thus indulge in a hand of roulette to get time racing by during a boring meeting or waiting for the train.

Is The Future In Phone Casino Gaming?

Technological advances often make predictions like these rather hard. Only demand can govern its future. However, as more and more people take up mobile gaming, it appears quite safe to bet that it is indeed the future. At least, until players find something better and sweeter to while away their time with.

The Growth Of Mobile Gambling
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Post Name : The Growth Of Mobile Gambling

Posted On : 02/10/2018

Author : Cameron Riddell