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A Complete Guide to Slot Machine Symbols


Since their introduction in the late 1890s, slot machines have continued to entice millions of casino players across the globe. The working mechanisms, gameplay features, and rewards offered by slot machines have evolved significantly over the years. Also, the symbols used in modern slot machines are quite different from their early counterparts.

In this article, we cover everything you need to know about the most popular slot machine symbols. Continue reading!

What are slot machine symbols?

Slot symbols are the small graphics that appear on the reels of any slot game. For beginners who don’t know, both land-based slot machines and online slot machines have multiple symbols. And each symbol carries a different value that’s exclusive to that specific slot game at the online UK casino.

Slot symbols are an essential element of slot games. This is because they help you determine whether you’ve won or not in your chosen slot title (note that the outcome is random here). Also, slot symbols provide developers with the chance to attract more players by being more creative with their symbols and making them more alluring.

Early slot machine symbols

Slot machines first appeared on the scene in the 1890s. And they started going mainstream in the early part of the 20th century. By 1910, slot machines could be found in several saloons, bars and eateries. Back then, slot machines usually came with suit symbols – spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts.

The early slot machines lacked bonus rewards and other in-game features. So, it’s no surprise that the card symbols were the standard symbols in those games. While the suit symbols are rare to find these days, the high-paying cards are still featured in many slot games.

Other popular slot symbols from the 1900s include the horseshoe, the liberty bell and the number 7. Additionally, fruit symbols such as oranges, strawberries, cherries, and watermelons are available in many of the best online slots available.

Popular slot machine symbols explained

While no two slot machines have the same set of symbols, the way they work allows us to classify them into different categories. Below we explain to you the most common types of slot machine symbols:

Standard symbols


Standard symbols are the most primitive type of slot symbols that you can find in any slot game. The only function of standard symbols is to offer a payout when you manage to get enough of them on the reels of the slot machine.

Symbols can be further classified into two categories based on their payouts: low-paying symbols and high-paying symbols. In three-reel online slots, low-value symbols usually take the form of fruits and card suits. Traditional online slot games feature bells, diamonds, and BAR symbols as high-paying symbols.

Wild symbols

Slot wilds are a special type of slot symbol that is quite popular among online slot players. In online slots, wilds help players increase their payouts in online slots by forming more winning combinations.

Wild symbols usually replace any other symbol (except scatters) on the paylines of a slot machine. This allows players to form a winning payline by making up for the missing symbols. You can receive a payout if you land the same symbol on the first and third reels.


Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols

The scatter symbol is another popular type of slot symbol that can be found in numerous modern-day slot machines. An interesting thing about the scatter symbol is that it usually has two main functions in online slots. When you get the required number of scatter symbols on your reels, you will receive a decent payout. In many online slot games, it triggers bonus features as well.

As a player, you need to land at least three scatter symbols to take advantage of the bonus feature (this may vary from game to game). Speaking about the bonus prizes, they usually take the form of free spins and multipliers. Owing to the advantageous nature of the scatter symbol, it has been behind some of the biggest slot machines wins in slots’ history.

Multiplier symbols

This type of slot symbol doesn’t need much explanation. In online slot games, multiplier symbols are there to multiply the amount you win by a predefined number. Depending on the slot game you choose to play, the multiplier amount can be anywhere between 1x and 100x. Also, some top online slots multiply your winnings by 1000x or even more than that.

Note that the way multiplier symbols get activated depends on the specific gameplay rules. In some online slots, the multiplier symbols can appear in the base game itself. On the other hand, you can only get them in bonus rounds in other online slots. Furthermore, some multiplier symbols only apply to your current winning payline, whereas others can contribute to your total wagers.


Summing Up

As you can see, slot machines feature several different types of slot symbols. And all of these symbols have a specific function to perform in the game. As such, it becomes imperative for you to know the basics and the working of these symbols. We hope you now have a thorough understanding of slot machine symbols after reading our guide.

Finally, for players who want to enjoy online slot gaming to its full extent, we suggest you check out our slot machine playing tips. Enjoy your favourite slot games and play responsibly!

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