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Experience the adrenaline rush of Formula 1 Betting like never before with Monster Sports, where every turn and sound of the engine revving sets brings you closer to the heart of the action. F1 Betting is one of the world’s most renowned racing championships that involve world-class drivers and teams from all over the world. Now, you can feel your pulse rising as you place your bets live while the elite drivers hit the racing circuits, delivering an unmatched betting experience you can look forward to. Or best yet, you can also bet on your favourite racers or markets before the big event arrives while keeping a check on our latest odds.

F1 Betting is the pinnacle of the entire schedule of Motor Racing, with the Grand Prix and World Championship being the most renowned event of all. Keeping that in mind, Monster Sports brings you the best of the best betting odds and markets on F1 betting, where you will have ample options to bet on both individual races and the entire championship. Read on to learn more about our Formula 1 Betting as we highlight the latest odds, types of betting markets, major F1 events to bet on, F1 teams and drivers, and more. 

Join F1 Betting in Action at Monster

Monster Sports welcomes you to witness what’s going to be your most unforgettable betting experience online. Join our F1 Betting in action only at Monster as the championship enters the next full season with full-packed racing events. Whether you look forward to the Grand Prix races or Drivers’ Championship races, we have all the betting options waiting for you to get the energy pumping through the course of actions on the racing track. 

Is the current F1 champion trophy holder, Max Verstappen, your ultimate goal to succeed in your bet? Or will it be the previous titleholder, Lewis Hamilton, or his team member, George Russell? We bring all the betting options to you regardless of your choices and preferences to ensure that you have access to the wide array of betting markets covering all the top F1 Betting races. Start navigating our sports betting interface, find the race of your choice, and start placing your bets on your ultimate favourite motor races at Monster Sports!

Latest F1 Betting Odds at Monster Sports

If the F1 motor race is your interest in sports betting, you have to try and explore our betting odds. Monster Sports strives to bring the latest up-to-date outright odds for our bettors who like to bet live and on pre-events. F1 Betting is one of the types of sports betting where it is more difficult to find a safe balance between placing risky bets and predictable bets. 

Top drivers like Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, and Oscar Piastri from popular teams like Ferrari, Red Bull, and McLaren are highly anticipated by many fans and bettors to take the top spots on the track most of the time during major F1 events like the Grand Prix. With the majority betting on Max Verstappen to scoop off most of the races in the Grand Prix schedule, the odds of less selection of drivers anticipated to win the races during the actual race are actually low. In such cases, it is likely unlikely to find good odds in that market. 

Regardless, Monster Sports persists in constantly offering the best of the best odds in the F1 Betting scenario. With all the drama, speed, skills, racing circuits, debate, and competition among the teams and drivers, our betting odds will help you in making the best betting decisions you can ever expect. Sign up today and check out our most competitive odds in the UK betting market!

How F1 Betting Odds Work

When it comes to choosing the outright winner of a race, our F1 Betting odds work similarly to our other sports betting like horse racing betting and greyhound racing betting. Our F1 Betting odds will be displayed in fractional or decimal, and we offer lower odds and higher odds for front-runners and underdog teams. On the other hand, betting on the Driver’s Championship is similar to betting on a specific racing team to win, like in football’s Premier League. 

You can start exploring our F1 Betting via mobile phone and desktop. Consider the bet types that draw your attention and the advantages and disadvantages factors that might affect the betting odds before you place a bet. To simply start the adventure on our website, sign up with us first, make sure you have enough betting balance, go to our betting page, select your F1 betting markets based on our betting odds, set your bet value, and place the bet! It is as easy as it is!

Most Popular Formula 1 Betting Markets At Monster Sports

At Monster, there are tons of Formula 1 betting markets available to you for the ultimate betting festival ahead of every race. The following are some of the top and most popular markets among our players. Pick your favourite and try your luck in the betting!

Race / Outright Winner

Predicting who will be the ultimate winner of the race is as exciting as it starts. The outright winner betting market is one of the popular betting choices among our punters. It is a bet where you pick the driver to win a specific motor race in F1 racing events. The odds will be available for both pre-match and in-play betting. 

Top 6 Winners

Betting on a driver to be the top six winners in an F1 race is another thrilling betting market to try at Monster. It involves betting on a particular driver to finish anywhere in the top six positions in a specific F1 racing event. This market is more flexible than the outright winner since you have more than one driver to consider to win the bet. 

Podium Finish

This market is about betting on a driver to finish either in the top position or within the top three ranks in a particular motor race. This market offers a better chance of getting your bets to win compared to the outright winner market since you have three drivers to choose from for the potential winner. 

Points Finish

The Points Finish market is another popular betting market that allows you to bet on a specific driver to complete the race within the top ten ranks in a race. Since you have to bet the driver anywhere within ten positions, it offers a wider chance for your bet to succeed as compared to the other betting markets. 

Fastest Lap

Sometimes the driver you favour the most may not be the fastest, and surprisingly dominate the position by an underdog driver. There have been some unexpected winners of the fastest lap over the years as teams push for their individual goals. Place your stake on the driver you think will record the fastest lap performance in the next full season of F1 betting. 

Pole Position

This market is another favourite among F1 bettors, usually offering odds between -250 and -300. It is a betting option to place during the qualifying season. Usually, you bet on the driver you predict will record the fastest time in the qualifying rounds, securing the top starting spot for the race. Look out for the odds on each participating driver, as it will give you an idea of their likelihood of earning pole position.

Head-to-Head Matchups

This is another exciting betting market to try with our F1 Betting. In this market, you bet on two individual drivers to finish the race first before the others. Usually, bettors bet their stakes on two rival drivers who have a history of competing for the top positions during motor races. You can look up our betting odds on this market before the main event as we will constantly keep the board updated.

First Team to Retire

This market is mainly popular among bettors with higher motor racing knowledge or those who actively follow the F1 races. The First Team to Retire is about betting on the team who will likely have their cars withdraw from the race on the grounds of unexpected accidents, mechanical failure, or other reasons. This market odd is unpredictable since anything could happen or not happen during the race, offering a thrilling betting experience. 

Major Formula 1 Events To Bet On

When the full season of Formula 1 betting kicks off, look forward to a wide selection of Grand Prix races to bet on. We offer access to a broad section of betting events under F1 motor race betting, including the likes of Grand Prix, World Drivers’ Championship, and World Constructors’ Championship. It is important to note that these are some of the major F1 racing events in the world and are more esteemed than other motor race events. 

Grand Prix

There is no Formula 1 race without Grand Prix. It is what makes up the entire F1 race event. Grand Prix is the most prestigious racing event in the world for motor races, that stretches as far as Britain to the USA, and Australia. To this day, the Grand Prix has been hosted by at least 34 countries around the world, including this season’s Monaco Grand Prix, AWS Canadian Grand Prix, and Qatar Airways Austrian Grand Prix. Each season of Grand Prix typically kicks off around February or March and ends around November and December. 

Top teams like Red Bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes are known to compete in this event led by elite motorists like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The first Grand Prix race was held in 1906, covering 105 kilometres per lap. Explore the racing events offered on our platform and experience your first Grand Prix betting with our range of markets and odds!

World Drivers’ Championship

If there is something to be proud of for the elite F1 drivers, it has to be being the winner of the World Drivers’ Championship or just being able to participate in this major F1 racing event. To be able to take part in this major event, the elite motorists compete with each other through the course of the Grand Prix races, and the result is determined by the points accumulated throughout the 23 races. Formula 1 racers dream of becoming the world’s number 1 racer through the World Drivers’ Championship. 

The World Drivers’ Championship was first started in 1950 and this premier motorsport competition is governed by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The competition is well known for its intense competition among top drivers and actively observed by a global fanbase. World-class drivers like Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton are known for holding the highest number of titles in this competition, while  Max Verstappen is the current World Driver’s Champion holder. 

World Constructors’ Championship

The F1 World Constructors’ Championship is another major event to complete in racing among F1 teams. The team that scores the highest championship points by the end of the competition is declared the winner. Aside from the World Drivers’ Championship, the World Constructors’ Championship is extremely competitive among the F1 drivers and elite teams like Aston Martin, Alpine, Haas, Kick Sauber, Red Bull, Williams, and SB are set to contest in the next season. Currently, the World Constructors’ Championship ladder is dominated by top teams like Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, and Red Bull. 

Live In-Play F1 Betting with Monster Sports

We at Monster Sports offer live betting experience to all the interested bettors in all the major betting options, including F1 betting. So, not only you will get to place pre-match bets on your favourite teams and drivers, but you can also enjoy the races live in action as you bet on your favourite betting market. Our live betting option is aimed to bring the most engaging and competitive betting experience right to your fingertips. Now you can witness all the major F1 betting races, such as the Grand Prix races, in real-time on your device as you place bets on the go at the same time! Try your hand on our in-play F1 betting markets as we offer the best live odds in the market!

Formula 1 Teams and Drivers

Every season of Formula 1 Betting, the participating teams can change depending on the opportunities, conditions of the drivers, and so on. In the current scenario, the top title is dominated by teams Red Bull Racing and Ferrari. In every season of the Grand Prix, a total of 20 drivers from 10 teams take over the racing circuit to compete for the champion seat. Here is a breakdown of the F1 teams and drivers for this season’s world championship. 

TeamDriver 1Driver 2
Red BullMax VerstappenSergio Pérez
FerrariCharles LeclercCarlos Sainz
McLarenLando NorrisOscar Piastri
MercedesLewis HamiltonGeorge Russell
Aston MartinFernando AlonsoLance Stroll
RBYuki TsunodaDaniel Ricciardo
HaasNico HulkenbergKevin Magnussen
AlpinePierre GaslyEsteban Ocon
WilliamsLogan SargeantAlex Albon
Kick SauberValtteri BottasZhou Guanyu

How To Bet On F1 Racing With Monster Sports

Start your exciting betting adventure with our F1 Betting only at Monster Sports. It is pretty simple and straightforward to place your stakes! Take a look at the quick steps to start betting with us!

  1. Sign Up at Monster Sports 

Before anything, you need to create a player account by signing up with us at Monster Sports. Simply visit our homepage and click on the ‘Sign Up’ option displayed on the left panel. Enter the details on the page to complete the registration process. In case you are already registered with us, you can directly log in to your account and start placing the bets!

  1. Select Formula 1 Betting

We are home to a wide range of sports betting options. Navigate our betting options and find the Formula 1 betting from the list. 

  1. Choose the Market and Odds

We offer a broad selection of betting markets and competitive odds on all the top races of Fornula 1, including multiple betting options on the Grand Prix. Explore the different markets available on the board and compare the betting odds. Then, select the market that meets your preference. 

  1. Place the Bet

Once you have chosen the market that suits your taste, it will be directly added to your bet slip, which will be visible on the right panel. Decide on the bet amount on the bet slip. You can adjust it accordingly. Lastly, confirm the bet and your bet will be placed! Once the bet is confirmed, all you have to do is wait for the race to finish and your bet outcome will be determined. 

Motor Racing Betting Offers And Promotions At Monster Sports

To elevate your betting experience with our UK sports betting, we at Monster Sports offer a variety of bonuses and promotions throughout the year. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated with the newest and latest offers on motor racing and other sports betting promotions!

Not just F1 Betting

Monster Casino can be your go-to place for everything online casino and sports betting. We host over 1000 slot games including Sweet Bonanza, Fluffy Favourites, Wish Upon a Jackpot, other casino games, classic blackjack variants, roulette tables, and live casino. Moreover, we cover a wide range of sports betting options, including Champions League, Cheltenham, Royal Ascot, IPL Betting and more.

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What Is Live In-Play Betting In F1 Betting?

Live in-play betting is basically a segment in F1 betting that allows our enthusiastic bettors to place their bets on their favourite markets and teams in real time while the racing event is going on live. With this betting option, you can enjoy the race through live streaming and place your bets accordingly. It is a fantastic way to elevate your betting experience at Monster Sports!

How Are The Odds Calculated In F1 Betting?

In F1 betting, the betting odds are calculated by estimating the likelihood of the outcome depending on factors like the driver's performance and the racing circuit's characteristics.

Who Was The Previous Winner Of The F1 Grand Prix?

The current title holder of the F1 Grand Prix is Max Verstappen from the Netherlands. He currently has 59 wins on his record.

Who Holds The Record For The Most Wins In F1 History?

Lewis Hamilton is currently the record holder of the most wins in the history of F1 with 103 wins. Lewis has been active since 2007 and his last win was in the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

What Is The Most Popular Type Of Bet In F1 Betting?

We offer a wide selection of betting markets on F1 Betting catering to the demands and preferences of all types of bettors. You can navigate our betting dashboard, explore the bet types offered and find something that suits your taste. The most popular bet types of all are probably the outright winner and the top three winners. If you prefer less risky bet types, you can opt for the top six winners and points finish.

How Does The F1 Betting Work?

Just like any other sports betting, F1 betting works similarly. Visit our motor race betting page, select F1 betting from the options, select the race and market you wish to bet on, set your stake, and place the bet! Do note that we offer both In-Play betting and Pre-Match betting, allowing our bettors to take part in the thrilling series of betting.

What Does Outright Bet Mean In F1 Betting?

An Outright Bet in F1 betting is a type of bet that is placed on the outcome of a specific event or competition rather than the individual race. This betting type is generally placed on the driver predicted to win the competition, such as the Grand Prix Winner.

Is There Group Betting In F1 Betting?

Yes, we do offer group betting in F1 races, such as Head-to-Head Matchups. This type of betting lets you bet on two different drivers to finish the race before the others.

What Is The Difference Between Pre-Race And In-Play Betting?

Pre-race or pre-match bettings are the bets that allow you to place your stake on your favoured market before the real event starts. The pre-race betting usually starts days or even weeks before the main event kicks off. On the other hand, In-Play betting is a live betting, which allows bettors to bet on their team or market when the main event is ongoing. This allows the bettors to place wagers as the action unfolds, creating a dynamic betting experience online.

Is There A Minimum Age Requirement For F1 Betting?

Yes! At Monster Sports, one needs to be at least 18 years or of legal age as determined by the laws of the country where you live to be deemed eligible to place wagers or register for an account.

Can I Bet On F1 Racing Events From My Mobile Device?

Absolutely! Our betting platform is designed to fit with any device making it a mobile-friendly website. We also offer a dedicated mobile app, making it super convenient to place your bets on the move!