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There’s so much happening in the online casino world. Hence, it is not an easy task to catch up with them all at one go. Monster Casino, which is one of the most popular online casinos UK has a separate section for blogs that cover all kinds of latest events, casino trends, games and many more of the hottest topics in the online gambling industry. Check this section out to learn more about them.

  • The Nuances of Camouflage Betting

    For many years, the players have tried to beat the house edge. Only a few of them could do it effectively. One of the most popular strategies to reduce the house edge is card counting. Coming directly from the famous book ‘Beat the Dealer’ by Blackjack Hall of Fame Edward...Read More

    Published On : 27/06/2019

  • What Does the Roulette Board Comprise of?

    Roulette is the oldest surviving casino game. And over time, its popularity has only grown more and more. The game is essentially played on a Roulette table or Roulette board. The word ‘Roulette’ means a small wheel in French. The origin of the game is unknown. However, there are various...Read More

    Published On : 25/06/2019

  • Popular Cash Back Bonuses To Grab

    Cash back deals and bonuses help online casino players recoup all or part of what they have lost. Such offers are either directly offered by a casino or an associated third party and make it possible for players to get back a specific percentage of their loss. Say, a player...Read More

    Published On : 20/06/2019

  • An Overview of Deck Statistics in Blackjack

    Blackjack is one of the most widely played casino games. Also, it is one of the oldest gambling games ever. It is believed to have existed since the 17th century. Of course, there has been lots of change or two over so many years in the history of this game....Read More

    Published On : 18/06/2019

  • Does James Bond Roulette System Enhance Game Outcomes?

    Roulette is quite an engaging game when competitors and the organizing venue involved are equally competent enough. And thus, it becomes extremely essential for players to be adept in strategies that are going to enhance their chances to win more in Roulette. Various Roulette systems have been developed as strategies...Read More

    Published On : 13/06/2019

  • The Key Facts About Roulette Wheel Numbers

    Just how many Roulette wheel numbers are there? Well, that varies according to the particular Roulette version that is being played. Thus, wheel numbers total 37 on the European version of the game and 38 on the American version. This different numbers above are explained by the fact that American...Read More

    Published On : 11/06/2019

  • Betting in Blackjack: Here is How

    As a card counter looking to be a successful Blackjack player, it is always important to know the type of bet as well as when to bet in Blackjack. Being skilled is not enough in a Blackjack game. To beat the house, you also need a wager spread that aims...Read More

    Published On : 06/06/2019

  • Try Your Luck On A Splendid Variety Of Online Slot Games

    Want to play slots online? Well, there are lots of online slots available. These cover all themes in the book and then some, typically have enough eye-candy graphics to blind a horse and are loaded to the limit with bonus features. The most splendid slots ever are usually made by...Read More

    Published On : 04/06/2019

  • The Significance of House Edge in Blackjack

    Casino games like Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat are defined as bankers’ games as they are based on the principles of betting against the house. These casino online games are the source of a very big advantage to the house, i.e. the casino and this Blackjack House Edge calculates the casino’s...Read More

    Published On : 30/05/2019

  • Brand New Megaways Slots to Play This May 2019

    The hype around Megaways Slots has nothing but increased over the years. This is attributed to the fact that such slot games give the players variable chances of winning which could even go up to thousands. Megaways slots have a huge demand in the online casino industry and game developers...Read More

    Published On : 23/05/2019