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There’s so much happening in the online casino world. Hence, it is not an easy task to catch up with them all at one go. Monster Casino, which is one of the most popular online casinos UK has a separate section for blogs that cover all kinds of latest events, casino trends, games and many more of the hottest topics in the online gambling industry. Check this section out to learn more about them.

  • Learn The Difference Between Multi-line And One-line Slots In Detail Here!

    Learn The Difference Between Multi-line And One-line Slots In Detail Here   Multi-line and one line are the two popular types of real money slots. For a newbie, these types of slots can be slightly confusing as they both have similar features. That being said, we, at Monster Casino, are...Read More

    Published On : 28/04/2021

  • Social Casino And Its Features: A Must Explore For All Social Media Fanatics

      The online casino industry has evolved in ways you can never imagine. It goes without saying that many people are passionate about casinos and spend their free time exploring and playing at casino sites. It is also obvious that many of these players are active on their social media...Read More

    Published On : 21/04/2021

  • Understanding The Variances Of Slots Volatility: A Deep Insight

    Slots have a fan following of their own. While many check the RTP of the game, others go for slot volatility. Different slot machines have different rates of slot volatility.  This article will cover what exactly slot volatility is and every little detail that players should know. So what are...Read More

    Published On : 14/04/2021

  • Top 10 Animal-themed Slot Games That Are A Must Explore At Monster Casino!

    Monster Casino is a great place to play online casino games. Everything on our platform is designed wonderfully, including the £5 no deposit bonus, which you’ll get when you sign up for the fantastic line-up of online slots to live dealer games. We have a diverse game selection from a...Read More

    Published On : 07/04/2021

  • Gods Of Gambling: Deities And Their Contribution

    Gambling has been around for about as long as humanity. People have always enjoyed gambling because it provides a feeling of euphoria and enthusiasm and the opportunity to make extra money without putting in too much effort. When we look at the origins of gambling, we can see that ancient...Read More

    Published On : 28/03/2021

  • A List Of Top Gambling Cities That Offer The Best Casino Experience

      If you have been associated with casinos for a long time, you will be familiar with the adrenaline rush you get at almost every match at the casino table. The thrill and excitement surely bring out the best competitive side in you but when you get the opportunity of...Read More

    Published On : 21/03/2021

  • The Best Gambling Books That Are A Must-read!

    We all know that gamblers can take their hobbies too literally at times, ultimately devoting more time to their chosen pursuit. Gamblers have increasingly been interested in books that offer fascinating insights into psychology, casino math, and gaming complexities. Book prizes are unlikely to contain gambling titles. Horse racing, Poker,...Read More

    Published On : 14/03/2021

  • Casino Security: Operation, Purpose, and Design

    Casinos want to ensure maximum casino security and surveillance as they want to protect important assets and valuables and ensure a safe playing environment for all the gamblers out there. Some casinos also deploy groups of security teams whose responsibility is to profile cheating gamblers as many of the gambling...Read More

    Published On : 07/03/2021

  • What Makes Triple Zero Roulette So Exclusive?

    Certain games should be best avoided at all costs. These games provide a better house advantage than others. Some good examples of such games are Big Six, Bonus Six, Keno, etc. Especially if you consider keno, then it’s not a really good option as it provides a 30% house edge...Read More

    Published On : 28/02/2021

  • Ten Best Gambling Gifts That Are Worth Taking Note Of!

    There is a fair chance you know a gambler, player, or casino fan in your life if you are considering this. There are so many beautiful gifts related to gambling to select from. You can choose it to be a birthday gift, a Christmas present or just a casual gift...Read More

    Published On : 21/02/2021