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There’s so much happening in the online casino world. Hence, it is not an easy task to catch up with them all at one go. Monster Casino, which is one of the most popular online casinos UK has a separate section for blogs that cover all kinds of latest events, casino trends, games and many more of the hottest topics in the online gambling industry. Check this section out to learn more about them.

  • Latest inventions in online Casinos

    The technological advancements all over the world have impacted the online gambling industry as well, and such an industry which is always in continuous expansion cannot survive without incorporating such technological innovations on their platforms to attract new players. There has been a lot of improvement in casino technology since...Read More

    Published On : 15/01/2020

  • Blackjack Shuffle Tracking: Its Basics and Components

    Blackjack, the famous and the premier among the card games, has a great influence and dragging capacity on the casino goers. The game in all its variations offers good fame over the players. When it comes to the point of a dealer, it is very important to track the deck...Read More

    Published On : 08/01/2020

  • Learn some of the most popular Online Bingo strategies here

    Bingo is one of the most popular games among gamblers around the world. In the past, bingo had been known as a game where luck was far more important than skill. However, there are various ways that you can use to improve your winnings. Although the bingo strategies will not...Read More

    Published On : 01/01/2020

  • Easy Tricks To Play Scratch Card Games

    What is Scratch Card games? Scratch play card has plenty of other names such as scratch-off, scratch ticket, instant lottery etc. It is a card game which has thin paper made cards where one or more areas of the card have hidden card symbols to be found by scratching off...Read More

    Published On : 25/12/2019

  • A Detailed Analysis On The Different Types Of Roulette Bets

    As far as the casino industry is concerned, there are a numerous variety of games available in the industry’s pocket. Roulette is such a game. When talking about Roulette, it is a simple game but can get tricky sometimes. When you play Roulette online, there are not many tricky things....Read More

    Published On : 16/12/2019

  • A Compare and Contrast of Online and Offline Scratch Card Games

    Scratch cards majorly gained recognition in the early 1970s. It all started when companies began giving their customers free scratch cards to make customers purchase more. Such scratch cards were given on a minimum purchase value, where the customers who took up the minimum level of products were given an...Read More

    Published On : 09/12/2019

  • Reducing the house edge: Quick help

    When you play an online casino game or go down to a casino in real life, you know that the rules are fixed, which is final and sure. One more thing which is final and sure is the casino house edge, and you cannot change this theoretical return to the...Read More

    Published On : 02/12/2019

  • A Short Glimpse On Various Technological Trends Dominating The iGaming industry

    We are living in a world which is developing day by day. These developments can be found in each and every field of the economic and financial sections of all countries. The iGaming industry offers no difference to this scenario. iGaming is described as placing a bet on the result...Read More

    Published On : 25/11/2019

  • How is Technology a Major Determinant in the Gaming Industry?

    Technology has been the game-changer ever since it was discovered, and it has been evolving ever since. If we compare present times, from that of 2 decades ago, we can see how drastic change has taken place, including the gaming industry. Games are an escape path people choose which provides...Read More

    Published On : 18/11/2019

  • A Comprehensive Guide On The Roulette Game

    Roulette is famously known as the “game of luck”. It is a widely played casino game. Given below is a detailed guide of what is roulette and how can one win big at it –  So firstly, what is a roulette table? A roulette table is a table where the...Read More

    Published On : 11/11/2019