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Top 10 Fascinating Things About The Baywatch TV Series Top 10 Fascinating Things About The Baywatch TV Series

Top 10 Fascinating Things About The Baywatch TV Series

As you all know, the Baywatch TV series ran from 1989-2001 and was an astonishingly successful show filled with cheesy, sometimes totally incredible plots and lines, as well as stunning members of both sexes. Presenting an idealized version of Californian life, it has since gone into the halls of legend and seen Hollywood heavyweights Zac Effron and The Rockstar in a screen adaptation released last year.

If you were a fan of the series -and it’s rather difficult finding anyone who wasn’t! – there are a few things to know that you do not know about the show. Do you not believe? Then read on and see.

Top 10 Fascinating Things About The Baywatch TV Series

Exciting Things To Know About Baywatch

• Leo, oh Leo!: Lenorado DiCaprio as a then 15-year old was nearly cast as Hobie, David Hasselhoff’s onscreen son. But in the end that wasn’t to be, as it was felt he was too old for the part. Oh, Leo!

• A Newman indeed!: Remember the handsome hunk Micheal Newman with the immaculate moustache who looked good enough to be dipped in batter and licked clean? Well, turns out he was a real, live, lifeguard before the show. Needless to say, his experience and skills helped the show a lot.

• Slo-mo Calvary!: The series’ trademark came to be a lifeguard- a shirtless David Hasselhoff preferably!- sprinting towards danger as time seems to slow down. The idea for this came from footage of sprinters shot at low frame rates during the 1988 Summer Olympics.

• Live-in Sets: Along with the show’s syndication came to a severe slash to the production budget and an emphasis on cutting it. Thus, quite a few scenes were shot in rooms actually lived in or used by the actors in the show.

• Weighing In: Cast members of both sexes were forbidden under pain of death from gaining weight. No wonder they looked so good!

• Iran Loves Baywatch!: Due to the immense popularity of the show, homes in Iran fortunate to have satellite dishes made extra money by selling tickets to people who wanted a view of the action. This tale comes from Hasselhoff himself, who said the late Shah of Iran’s wife confided it to him.

• Tommy Lee Nuclear!: Baywatch member Pamela Anderson had a husband by the name of Tommy Lee. This fella was, to put it mildly not amused during the love scenes his wife had to shoot and went to extraordinary lengths to show it.

• Hail Khal Drogo!: Jason Momoa was cast at a painfully young 19 as a member of the Baywatch show when it moved to Hawaii. Even then, his potential was easily noticed.

• Koala Naps: To keep production costs in check, the show was moved to Australia. Angry locals and environmentalists soon forced it to relocate to Hawaii.

• 40 For Tea!: To keep the cast looking their best and free of sunburn required 40 bottles of sunscreen monthly. That’s indeed a lot of bottles!

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Top 10 Fascinating Things About The Baywatch TV Series
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