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How to Play Online Slots Games? Monster Casino How to Play Online Slots Games? Monster Casino

How to Play Online Slots Games?


If you have ever been to a land-based casino, you might as well have also tried your luck on those bulky slot machines. But with time changes a lot of things and one such evolution is the introduction of online slots! It is time to ditch the crowded casinos and long queues, because Monster Casino brings to you an array of online slots which are much more advanced and entertaining than the traditional slot machines.

Online Slots Are The Way to Go!

Online slots game developers are giving their best to bring to you unique themes and gameplay that are hard to find. From 10 fixed paylines to 1024 ways of winning, there is absolutely no limit to what all is being innovated these days. But what is the point of having such advanced features if you have no clue on how to make the most of them? Read on to know!

Setting the Bets and Paylines

Before you hit the spin, you need to set your bet sizes and number of paylines you wish to play. While some slots have fixed paylines, in most of the slots you can choose the number of paylines you wish to bet on. Also, betting starts from as low as £0.01 per spin and goes on a little high. Though, each slot has different betting ranges. Select according to your budget, and you are good to go!

Always Check the Pay Table to Get A Fair Idea

Every slot will have a link to its pay table. Before spinning the reels, you must always check the table to see what symbol combinations give out the best rewards. The pay table generally states the values of all symbols that spin on the reels.

Spin Them!

As soon as the slot loads and after you have placed your bets, you can see a fancy button with SPIN written in it on the screen. Most slots have them on the bottom, next to where you place your bets. Click or tap on that icon to let the magic begin! The spins will start spinning with a variety of symbols in it. Each symbol generally has a unique value of its own, and their combinations give out different prizes.

Special Symbols

Every slot will have symbols according to the theme, but every slot will also be most likely to have a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. Though they designed according to the theme, they function the same way generally. Wild symbol is the one that can substitute any symbol on the reels except the scatter symbol. If it is a part of a winning combination, it also gives special multipliers, which again is subjective to each slot. Scatter symbols generally are responsible for giving out free spins.

Bonus Features

All slots come with their own set of bonus features. Only a handful of basic slots will not have any special feature, rest all the uniquely themed ones will have them. From cascading reels, avalanche, to bonus games, there is a lot in store for you in online slot games, which is not available in land-based slot machines.

Once you get a hold of these basic things in online slots, you will become a master of them in almost no time! Go ahead and give them a try!

How to Play Online Slots Games?
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Posted On : 04/05/2016

Author : Cameron Riddell