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Ultimate Guide to Play Roulette Game

The Ultimate Guide to Play Roulette Game

Thanks to the internet boom, the popularity of Online Roulette has reached great heights. With the rapid advancements of technology and growth in innovations, the popularity of online roulette games is expected to soar further, in the near future.

Although the basic rules and the gameplay of online and offline roulette games are quite similar, you will find many variations of online roulette games at the online casinos. Casino Players – both beginners and veterans, try every trick in the book to win the game, but they tend to get overwhelmed with the number of guides floating around the internet.

We at Monster Casino, therefore, have put together a comprehensive guide that covers all the popular roulette strategies to increase your odds of winning the game. Read on to know more.

Online Roulette – The Game of Chances

The Roulette game is one of the most played casino games across the globe. The popularity of this game of chances can be seen in every land-based and online casino. The magnificent shiny spinning wheel of roulette and the engaging gameplay keep the players entertained for hours. Online roulette inherited the same thrills of a land-based roulette game, however, the advanced computer graphics and innovative internet technologies paved way for many more sophisticated and revolutionary features in the online version of this fascinating game.

These online games provide players with the comfort of playing from their homes. At the same time, the graphics and sounds are designed to match the real casino so that the player continues to feel the thrills of playing in a real casino.

From depositing to betting and withdrawing the winnings – every activity of the player can be accomplished with just a few clicks. Besides, the players can also enjoy their favourite online roulette game seamlessly on the move, on any smartphone.

History of Roulette Game

The exact origin of the roulette game is unclear and it is believed that the first roulette came into existence in France in the 17th century. There is a popular belief that Blaise Pascal who was an inventor, physicist and mathematician invented the first roulette wheel accidentally while he was on a quest to invent a perpetual motion machine.

Roulette in French means small wheel and this further supports the theory that roulette game came from France. One of the early records points out the roulette game which resembles the current roulette game has been played since 1796 in Paris.

In the late 1790s, the roulette games which were played in the casinos of Paris had red for zero “0” and black for double zero “00” on the roulette wheel. Later, to avoid confusion, the green colour was used for both the numbers by 1880s.

By the time of first part of the 20th century, the single zero French Wheel was available only in Monte Carlo and the American double zero wheel was available only in Las Vegas. Also by 1970s, the casinos began to spread around the world and by the end of 2008 there were hundreds of casinos were present offering roulette games.

Online Roulette

The Basic Elements of a Roulette Game

Roulette Table

Roulette Table

Two popular roulette variations are – American Roulette and European Roulette. The difference between both the variants are small, American Roulette game has zero “0” and double zero “00” on the reel, while the European Roulette has only one zero “0”. The table layout of both the variants is almost same except for the “00” number.

Also, the third most popular variant of the roulette game is the French Roulette. In this variant of the roulette game, “La Partage” rule is used. As per this rule, players lose only a half of even odds stake if the spin is a zero. In addition to that, the words on the table will be in French language but the players don’t have to worry as almost all the online French Roulette games have substitute of the French words in English. The design of the layout of French Roulette is a bit different from American and European Roulette.

Roulette Wheel

The real roulette wheel has a diameter of 27, 30 or 32 inches. But the size of the online roulette wheel differs based on the game and based on the device used by the player to play the game. The roulette has divisions from 1 to 36.

American Roulette wheel has 38 pockets and European Roulette wheel has 37 pockets. Both the pockets are coloured in red and black alternatively except for “0” and “00” which are coloured in green. Therefore, players can identify whether the game is American Roulette or European Roulette just by noticing the presence of the “00” number.


Roulette Game

Roulette Balls

Roulette Ball

In land-based roulette games, the roulette ball is made of different materials and also the size of the roulette ball used is based on the diameter of the roulette wheel. In online roulette games, the roulette balls are generated by computer graphics and real roulette balls are used in live casino games.

Roulette Chips

Gaming chips hold certain values and it is used by the players to make the necessary bets on the numbers on the table. These chips can be traded for real money. In online casinos, players have to select the chip first and can then make the bets by clicking on the number. Each player will have a particular chip colour in order to differentiate the bets made by various players.

Roulette Chips

How to Play Roulette?

The dealer or croupier spins the ball generally on the outer rim of the wheel in a direction opposite to the direction of the roulette wheel. The ball after losing its momentum lands on a pocket in the wheel.

The player must predict the number which the ball is going to land and has to make the corresponding bets on the layout of the roulette table. Various types of bets are available, and players can choose the one based on their convenience. The bets can be placed until the dealer calls off all bets.

When the ball loses its momentum and ends in a pocket the dealer calls out the winning number along the colour of the pocket. The winner gets the winning money and the next round starts.

Why Online Roulette Games?

Roulette games are super fun to play and the player doesn’t have to perform any complex calculations to win the game. Unlike land-based roulette games, players can enjoy these games day and night without any interruptions. The payments can be made easily with just a few clicks. Also, most of the online Roulette games are compatible with mobile and tablet devices and can be played on the go. In addition to this, most of the prominent online casinos are secured with latest security features.

Online Roulette

Roulette, a game of luck or skill?

Roulette is purely a game of luck; the player can use some strategies to increase the odds of winning but cannot effectively control the output of the game. This fact that the game cannot be influenced beyond a certain extent makes roulette one of the most intriguing casino games.

Betting Methods in Roulette

Bets in roulette are basically divided into inside bets and outside bets and both have multiple subcategories. A good roulette player will know the ins and outs of the betting methods to have a better understanding of the game.



Inside Bets

In the roulette table layout, the bets made on numbers are called as inside bets. In simple terms, inside bets are the bets which involve the numbers directly rather than by colour, even/odd and so on.

Straight Up

A Straight Up bet is made on a single number by placing the chip on the particular number.


A Split bet is made on two numbers by placing the chip on the line between the two numbers.


A Street bet is made on three numbers by placing the chip on the line at the end of a row having three numbers.


A Corner bet is made on four numbers by placing the chip on the common line which separates all the four numbers. There are also some special corner bets around the number zero. One of them includes four numbers 0,1,2 and 3. The other two corner bets include the numbers 0,1,2 and 0,2,3.

Six Line

It is made on six numbers by placing the chips on the intersection between two streets.

Outside Bets

The Outside Bets are made on outer boxes rather than on the numbers directly are called as outside bets and these include red/black, even/odd, dozens/columns and small/larger digits.


A Dozens bet covers 12 numbers. Players can make this bet by placing the chips on the boxes which are marked as “1st 12” which includes numbers from 1 to 12, “2nd 12” which includes the numbers from 13-24 and “3rd 12” which includes the numbers from 25-36.


A Columns bet covers 12 numbers. Players can make this bet by placing the chips on any of the boxes at the end of the layout which is marked as 2-1. Three column bets are available, the 1st column includes numbers from 1 to 34, the 2nd column includes numbers from 2 to 35 and the 3rd column includes numbers from 3 to 36.


A Red/Black bet covers all the red or all the black coloured numbers. Players can make the bet by placing the chips on the red or the black box in the layout.


An Odd/Even bet covers all the odd or all the even numbers. Players can make the bet by placing the chips on the odd or the even box in the layout.

High/Low Numbers

A High/Low bet covers all the high numbers which are from 19-36 or all the low numbers which are from 1-18. Players can make this bet by placing the chips on 19-36 box or 1-18 box.

French Bets

French Bets are popular among French Roulette players and some of the famous French Bets are detailed below:

Section Bets

Section Bets are also called as French Bets and these bets cover a large portion of the wheel. There are three types of section bets – Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre and Orphelins.

Neighbor Bets

Neighbor bets include five numbers. The main number is selected by the player and two numbers on either side along with the main number are included in this method. The bets placed on the neighbour bet gets divided between all the five numbers covered in the bet.

For example, if a player places a neighbour bet of €2 on the number 5, each of the numbers 16, 24, 5, 23 and 8 will be having a bet of €4 on them.

Orphelins (Orphans)

Orphelins method is also called as Orphans and it includes five chips on 8 numbers in a combination given below:

One chip on number 1 ( straight up)
One chip on 6/9 split
One chip on 14/47 split
One chip on 17/20 split
One chip on 31/34 split

Tiers du Cylindre

Tiers du Cylindre betting method is also referred as Tiers and it covers the area opposite to zero. This bet includes six chips on 12 numbers in a combination given below

One chip on 5/8 split
One chip on 10/11 split
One chip on 13/16 split
One chip on 23/24 split
One chip on 27/30 split
One chip on 33/36 split

Voisins du Zéro

This method is also popularly called as Voisins and it includes 9 chips on 17 numbers in a combination which is given below:

Two chips on 0,2,3 corner
Two chips on 25 to 29 corners
One chip on 4/7 split
One chip on 12/15 split
One chip on 18/21 split
One chip on 19/22 split
One chip on 32/35 split.



The Payouts

The payouts of the bets differ from each other mainly because of the count of the numbers involved in the betting method. A player who is aware of the payout odds of the different betting types can help the player to make calculated moves during gameplay. The payouts for various betting methods are listed below:


Bet TypePayout odds
Straight Up35-1
Corner / 0,1,2,3 / 0,1,2 / 0,2,38-1 / 8-1 / 11-1 / 11-1
Six line5-1
High/Low Numbers1-1

What is House Edge? Why is it important?

The casinos have a built-in advantage in its roulette games. The built-in advantage is nothing but the casino’s average profit from the player’s bets.

For example, if you flip a coin, there is a 50-50 chance for the result to be heads or tails. If you make a bet of 1 dollar on tails and if the outcome turns out to tail then you would be getting 1 dollar, this is called as true odds. If house edge is included in the same process, then the player would be getting 95 cents instead of 1 dollar.

Every table game has a house edge. The house edge of both European Roulette and American Roulette differs.


European Roulette House Edge

For the same single bet, the house edge of the European Roulette differs due to the absence of “00” number. The chance for the player to win the single bet is 1/37 and the chance to lose the bet is 36/37.

[-1 x (36/37)] + [35 x (1/37)] = -0.0270 i.e. 5.26% house edge.

American Roulette House Edge

In American roulette, there are 38 numbers and if the players make a single bet then there is a 1/38 chance for the player to win 35 times the bet and a 37/38 chance for the player to lose the bet. The house edge of European Roulette and American ROulette are explained below:

[-1 x (37/38)] + [35 x (1/38)] = -0.0526 i.e. 5.26% house edge.

Winning Strategies

Though roulette is a game of chance players use various strategies to increase the odds of winning. The player might still be unsuccessful despite following these strategies and some player may win big by applying the same strategies as winning in roulette is unpredictable.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is one of the most famous strategies out there and it also has variations. It involves a process of doubling the bets after meeting with a loss in a 50/50 chance game and maintaining or reducing the bet after a win, by this way, the player could compensate all the previous loses along with
small wins. Players can save the money that is won and can start again with the initial amount.

This strategy would more suit the games which have a low minimum bet and a high maximum bet. If a player follows this strategy, he might incur several winnings than the number of losses. Players must make their bets on red/black, even/odd or small/larger digits, only these provide a near 50/50 chance for winning.

Labouchere Roulette Strategy

It is probably one of the most complex strategies and the only bets which involve equal chances such as black/red, small/larger digits and even/odd bets can only be used in this strategy. The player must construct the betting line which involves the size of the bet and the length of the bet and this usually decides how long the player bets.

For example, consider 2-2-2-2-2 as a betting line and the numbers from the left end and the right end are added and the resulting number will be considered as the bet amount, in this case, it’s 4. If a win occurs, numbers used for the sum is cancelled, then the betting line becomes 2-2-2.

In case of a loss the numbers are not cancelled, instead, the total is added to the right end of the betting line, the line then becomes 2-2-2-2-2-4.

The D’Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert strategy is safer than Martingale and Reverse Martingale strategy. This strategy involves a process of increasing and decreasing the bets by arithmetic factors instead of geometric factors. The player must increase the bet by 1 after a loss instead of doubling it such as in Martingale strategy and decreasing the bet by 1 after a win. This strategy almost creates equal wins and losses. This method can be applied using black/red, small/larger digits and even/odd bets. It cannot be applied using dozens, columns or inside bets.

Cover the Table Strategy

Covering the table is one of the popular strategies which allows the players to place more calculated bets. Some of the table covering strategies are given below:

Bet on 35 numbers

This is a highly risky method of betting as the player needs to cover a total of 35 numbers. Even if the player spends £1 for each number, still, he would lose £35 everytime he loses.

Bet on 11 streets

This involves placing the bets on 11 streets and it covers 33 numbers.

The third dozen and 1-18

If the player places £3 bet on 1-18 bet method and £2 on the third dozen. The player will win £1 if any one of them has the winning number and 30 numbers are covered by this method.

Flat betting Strategy

It the simplest of all the betting types and it involves the method of placing the same bet again and again. It is not based on any mathematical formulas or odds.

Oscar’s Grind Strategy

This method shares some similarities with the D’Alembert method and only black/red, small/larger digits and even/odd bets can be applied in this method. Consider the bet sequence 1-2-3-4. When a win occurs, the player must increase the bet by 1 and this continues till 4 is achieved. When the player incurs a loss, the previous bet is maintained. The concept is to gain one-unit profit and returning to the initial bet again.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

As the name suggests, this strategy involves the reverse procedure of martingale strategy i.e. increasing the bets when a win occurs and decreasing the wins when the bet is lost. This strategy can be only applied using black/red, small/larger digits and even/odd bets.

Reverse D’Alembert Strategy

Reverse D’Alembert strategy is also called as Contra D’Alembert betting strategy and it involves the procedure of decreasing the bets after a loss and increasing the bets after a win, which is opposite to the D’Alembert Strategy.

Labouchere LineAmount BetWin/LoseRunning Total of Winnings
2 4 6 6 4 3£5Lose-£5
2 4 6 6 4 3 5£7Lose-£12
2 4 6 6 4 3 5 7£9Win-£3
4 6 6 4 3 5£9Lose-£12
4 6 6 4 3 5 9£13Lose-£25
4 6 6 4 3 5 9 13£17Win-£8
6 6 4 3 5 9£15Win £7
6 4 3 5 £11Lose-£4
6 4 3 5 11£17Lose-£21
6 4 3 5 11 17£23Win £2
4 3 5 11£15Lose-£13
4 3 5 11 15£19Win £6
3 5 11£14Win £20
5£5Lose £15
55£10Win £25

Bet on 17 splits

Instead of spending £36 to cover the table, this method involves placing 17 splits. So, the player will be spending £17 to cover 35 numbers.

Bet on 5 Double Streets

A double street which is also called as a line, covers two streets together and the players will be covering 30 numbers in this method.

4 splits and 2 columns

If the player bets £5 on any of the two columns and £1 bet on four other splits which isn’t covered by the column bet. He will get a £1 profit every time if any of the column numbers win and, he will win £4 profit if any of the split numbers wins.

If you are a new player, it is highly advised to practice the strategies in the demo version of the game before playing for real money.

The James Bond Strategy

This is probably one of the most interesting strategies. It is created by the Ian Fleming who is the brilliant mind behind the James Bond series. This strategy is used by the secret agent in the novels.

Let’s take $200 for example, the player should bet $140 on high numbers which are 19 to 36 and then he must place a $50 bet on six numbers from 13 to 18. Also, $10 should be placed on 0 for insurance. If the ball lands on the numbers from 1 to 12 then he loses everything. If the ball lands on any number from 19-36, the player will get a profit of $80 and if the ball lands between 13-18, he gets a $100 profit and if the ball lands on “0” number the player will get a $160 pocket.

The Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci Strategy is based on the Fibonacci series which is quite popular mathematical series. The series can be generated by adding the previous two digits – 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and so on. It involves the process of adding up the previous two bets together. Fibonacci and reverse Fibonacci strategy may bring profit by losing more number of games than winning.


Tips for Playing Roulette Game

Almost in every casino game, some tips and tricks can be used, and correct utilization of these tricks could result in some benefits. There are numerous tips which can be followed to have an effective roulette gameplay and some of them are listed below.

Find the right Roulette game

The first step is to find a roulette game which suits the needs and requirements of the player in online casinos. One of the important factors to consider is to select an online casino which is properly licensed and regulated. The UK based Monster Casino is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission. It is also licensed by Gibraltar Government and regulated by Gibraltar Gambling Commission.

Be aware of the payout odds

Each betting option in the roulette game has different payout odds. Players should know the odds and probability of Roulette before making the bets. This could reduce the money lost by the player.

Placing bet on a bet doesn’t change the odds

It is a misconception that overlapping the bets on the number will increase the chances of winning. Players have the same chance of losing the money as they have in winning it.

New players start with even odds betting options

Players who are playing for the first time or just playing for fun are recommended to start with red/black, even/odd and small/larger betting options. These betting options are the simplest and the chances of losing and winning are equal.

Choose European Roulette over American Roulette

As said before, European Roulette has a house edge of 2.70% and American Roulette has a house edge of 5.26%. Players should opt for playing in European Roulette as the default chance of losing money is comparative less when compared to American Roulette.

Popular Types of Online Roulette Games

Classic Roulette or European Roulette

Classic Roulette is the other name for European Roulette. This is the wildly played version of the roulette game. The rules of the game are easy to comprehend.

American Roulette

American roulette has one zero “0” and one double zero “00” in both the reel and table. The game follows the same design of a real roulette game. It also has impressive graphics and matching sound effects which delivers a splendid gaming experience.


French Roulette

It is said that roulette game originated in France. This version of roulette has additional features such as En Prison which holds the bet until the next round if the ball lands on the number zero, but the player should stay on the same outside bet and if the ball lands on zero the next time, the players lose the money. The game also has La Partage rule under which the player gets half of the bet amount back.



Speed Roulette

Speed Roulette

Speed Roulette has fast-paced gameplay and in the each round the time interval between each spin is roughly 25 seconds. This cuts the gameplay duration up to 50% and as a result, players can enjoy short thrill-packed game plays.


Immersive Roulette

Immersive Roulette is loaded with premium quality elements such as multiple cameras which can capture 200 frames per second HD video quality. The game also has a slow-motion replay feature of the winning number and colour which takes the excitement to the next level.

Immersive Roulette
 Live Roulette

Live Roulette

Live Roulette game has a real dealer, real roulette table and a real roulette ball. Live roulette games give the atmosphere of a real casino. The game is captured using HD cameras and is streamed to the players who are miles apart.

Live Double Ball Roulette

As the name hints, this roulette variant involves two roulette balls. These balls give two winning numbers in a single spin. The balls are made to spin using a device specially made for this. The betting odds in Live Double Ball Roulette is different from most roulette variants.

Live Double Ball Roulette
Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

Roulette game is great fun to play. Players should see the game as a source of entertainment and should refrain from getting addicted to it at any cost. Players should gamble responsibly and should always wager the money that they can afford.


Roulette Table It has the layout of the numbers where the chips are placed.
PocketIt divides one number from the another in the roulette reel.
Roulette WheelEach of the numbers is arranged opposite to each other here in individual pockets.
Roulette BallThis is the white ball used in the roulette game that determines the winner. It is usually made out of acetal, phenolic, ivory or nylon. The number and the colour of the pocket where the ball lands will be considered as the winning number and the winning colour.
Gaming ChipsThey have certain values equivalent to money and is used to place bets on the roulette table.
House Edge It is the built-in advantage in the game by the casinos.
Croupier The dealer of the game is sometimes called by this name. He handles and coordinates the proceedings of the game.
American Roulette The second most popular roulette game and it has an additional “00” number in it.
European Roulette The most popular roulette game and it has only one zero in it.
French RouletteThe roulette game with slightly different game rules. It also has additional features such as En Prison and La Partage.
Inside Bet Bets made on the inside area i.e. on the numbered area. It covers individual numbers and also numbers in groups. Inside bets give higher payouts.
Outside Bet Bets made on the outside area i.e. on the outer areas of the layout. It covers more numbers and the payouts are lower.
Straight up bet made on only one number.
Bankroll The total amount of money which a player has to play the game.
Even Bet Bet made on all the even numbers in the table.
Low RollerPlayer who bets with small stakes
High RollerPlayer who bets with high stakes
Negative Progression Increasing the bets after a loss
Positive ProgressionIncreasing the bets after a win
Street Bet A bet comprising three numbers
Split Bet A bet made by placing chip in the middle of two adjacent numbers
OddsThe possibility of the occurrence of a result


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