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Reverse Fibonacci System the best strategy in Online Casino

Is Reverse Fibonacci System the best strategy in Online Casino Roulette?

Roulette is not just a plain casino game of luck. It is relatively easy to make judgement on how to place your bets in a land casino. After all, you have a dealer and people around to advice. But in an online casino Roulette, you need to have a proper strategy in place. Let’s look at the Fibonacci System; a widely used strategy to get it all right. There are two variants in this betting strategy; the normal and the reverse Fibonacci systems.

A Proven Strategy to Get The Online Casino Roulette Strategy Right

Is Reverse Fibonacci System the best strategy in Online Casino Roulette?

  • The Normal Approach of a Fibonacci Roulette System
  • In this system, there is a standard sequence of numbers based on simple mathematical logic.
  • The number system is created starting with 1 and then the sequence goes on by adding previous two numbers.
  • This system is a direction for placing your bets in the online casino Roulette.
  • Using normal approach of this system, you will start with 1 then again 1 since there are no two previous numbers. Then adding 1+1 becomes 2, 2+1 is 3, 3+2 is 5, 5+3 is 8 and this can go on up to a point where you want to stop. So when you start betting using this system, you will move one step up each time you lose and two steps back when you win.

This is basically to cover for previous losses as well as to make an effective profit. This works wonders when your winning is constant or more frequent.

  • The Reverse Fibonacci System in Online Casino Roulette
  • In the reverse system of betting approach, the system works completely opposite to the former one. Here the sequence of numbers you need to follow remains unchanged.
  • However, instead of progressing with every loss and stepping back after every win, you do the opposite which means you progress one step after each win and two steps back after a loss. This way, the amount of profit you can make will be more in comparison with normal Fibonacci online casino Roulette strategy.

These two strategies work when you are basically betting on the outside of Roulette table. That is red-black, odd-even, high-low, column and dozen. This is because the probability of winning is high in these areas.

Hold Your Horses and Pick Your Profit

Though the reverse Fibonacci system works effectively in making a profit at online casino Roulette, you need to stop at some stage. Just because it is a profit-making strategy, you cannot keep going on. You will reach a breakeven point and that is when you need to start calculating your profits. When you know you have made a good profit on your total investment, it is time to walk away with your winnings. One thing you must always remember is that your wins should always be more in number than your losses. As long as you stick with that, you are sure to make a good profit with this system. How about giving it a go at Monster Casino’s Roulette table?

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Post Name : Is Reverse Fibonacci System the best strategy in Online Casino Roulette?

Posted On : 13/07/2017

Author : Cameron Riddell