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How to Calculate Probability and Odds at Casino Roulette Online?

How to Calculate Probability and Odds at Casino Roulette Online?

Roulette is one of the most interesting casino games that you might come across. Once you have decided to indulge in casino Roulette online, it is very important for you to understand the mathematics behind Roulette. Yes, there is a certain amount of calculation that needs to be done in order to play successfully. So, before you plan your strategy for playing online Roulette, you must gather detailed information about the Odds and Probability of the online Roulette game.

‘Probability’ in Casino Roulette Online Explained

How to Calculate Probability and Odds at Casino Roulette Online?

Probability is actually the extent of the likelihood that an event may occur. It is a ratio of the favourable cases to the entire number of cases. In casino Roulette online, a wheel is a random machine. This means that all possible results can have an equal chance of happening.

Odds are different from Probability in Online Roulette Game

In casinos, you must have heard many players using the term ‘odds’ instead of probability. As per calculation, they are slightly different from each other. Once you know how to calculate probability which you will learn after reading further, the odds can be calculated from the following formulae:

  • Odds for success = Probability of success/1 – Probability of success
  • Odds for success = Ways to Win/Ways to Lose

The second way can be used for direct calculation without calculating the probability first.

  • Odds against success = Ways to lose/Ways to Win.

This will help you in understanding odds when they are presented in reverse.

Odds for an even Money Bet in Casino Roulette Online

For red/black bets, if the ball stops on one of the 18 same colour pockets, the players win. So, here the probability of winning is 18/38 i.e. 47.37%. For such a bet with even money payout, there is 47.37% chance of winning and 52.63% chance of losing. The result will be 52.63 – 47.37 which comes to 5.26%. That gives a house edge of 5.26%.

What happens if you bet on a Single Number in Online Roulette?

In the above example, the mathematics was relatively easy. The calculation, however, is not that simple for single number bets. Here, you can only win if you hit the exact number. The payout from the bet is 35-1. So, the odds are 1:38 on any given spin which comes to 2.63%. You can understand more like this:

  • When you win, you win 35 units – .0263*35 = .9737
  • When you lose, you lose only one unit – .9211-.9737 = .0526
  • That is the house edge of 5.26%.

So, more or less, the house edge ultimately remains the same. The player needs to place bets to ensure winning. That is the best strategy, bet more and more if you want to win more.

Odds and Probability help in Casino Roulette online

Without a thorough knowledge of these calculations, you might just end up playing in the air. To get grounded and to win more, you must practice calculating odds of the game. All the best!

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Post Name : How to Calculate Probability and Odds at Casino Roulette Online?

Posted On : 08/08/2017

Author : Cameron Riddell