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Online Roulette Strategies and How Do They Work?

Roulettes are one of the most exciting casino games. Monster Casino brings to you the best experience with its online Roulette. Though Roulette is a game of chance, everything depends on the wheel that spins and where it stops. But few people use one or two online Roulette strategies to win that you can also make use of. Check out some of the popular online Roulette strategies below.

Online Roulette Strategies That Really Work!

Online Roulette Strategies and How Do They Work

If you have been looking for an online Roulette best strategy, you have plenty to choose from here! Read on to pick your favourite online Roulette strategy to win.

1. Fibonacci Sequence

This online casino Roulette strategy is nothing but the sum of your previous two bets. This means, first you bet on an even chance. Every time you lose, you add the previous bet to make up for the new bet. This way every time you lose, you go a step ahead. On the other hand, when you win, you take 2 steps back in the series there is a reverse version of this strategy called reverse Fibonacci System.

2. Labouchere

This online casino Roulette strategy also involves a sequence of numbers, but with a difference. Here, the sequence is chosen by the player himself. Then, the bet is set on the sum of two outermost numbers of the self-picked sequence. In the case of a loss, the amount lost is written at the end of the sequence. Then on the next bet, you take the sum of the 2 outermost numbers again. In the case of a win, the 2 outermost numbers are crossed out.

3. Martingale System

Roulette Martingale System is one of the most famous online Roulette strategies. It is pretty simple to follow too! When a player loses, they double their bet. When a player wins, they start over again.

4. Red Bet

Every Roulette player knows that there are red numbers and black numbers in the game. The player starts with betting on red. In case they lose, they double their bet on red and put the original bet on a black number. In this strategy, the player keeps their bet on black constant and keeps on doubling the bet on red.

5. D’Alembert System

In this system, the player bets only on even chances. In the event of a win, he adds a credit to the bet, and in the case of a loss, he takes off a credit.

6. Column Strategy

As its name suggests, this strategy applies to columns only. The player bets only on columns. On the first column, a very small bet is made, the amount is doubled in the second column, and goes on to double with every spin and every column.

7. One Hit Miracle

Though one cannot call it the online Roulette best strategy, but this one does work for a few people. The idea is to keep on betting on the same number, preferably a number that hasn’t come up in a really long time. It is believed that if the ball has not landed on a particular number for a long time, it probably will.

8. Memory Game

Test your memory right with this strategy. In this one, the player does not bet on the last three winning numbers and put bets on the rest of the numbers on the table.

9. Pivot

This strategy also requires a good memory. If a number wins twice, it becomes the Pivot number. This means that the player will bet on this particular number for the next 36 spins. The logic behind this strategy is that in the series of 36 numbers, 24 different numbers will appear, and so quite a few numbers will win repeatedly or at least twice.

Which is your Favourite Among The Above Online Roulette Strategies?

It is imperative for a player to have a strategy in mind. And with so many online Roulette strategies to choose from, it is easier to make your pick! Hurry up and start trying your luck!

Online Roulette Strategies and How Do They Work?
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