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  • American Roulette

    American Roulette
    4.65 (93%) 20 votes

    If you love roulette then you may be aware of different variants of this game. One of the most popular variants of this game is theAmerican Roulette. Here, you can play with a number starting from one to thirty-six and two zero positions; the single and the double zero. The graphics of the game is of high quality and looks very convincing when compared to real-world casinos. There is an automated dealer who spins the ball in reverse position of the wheel. The game also has various stats that are displayed on the screen to help you play better. The betting startsat £1 and maximum is £500 but the limit varies from one position on the table to the other.

    About the developer of American Roulette

    This amazing online variant of the classic roulette was developed by NetEnt. One of the most popular developers in the world with plenty of experience and expertise in various game technologies. They have over a hundred games from slots, tables and jackpot categories.

    About the game

    In American Roulette, you can place your betting chips on any number on the table you wish to play. If you play with a single number and win, the reward you get is an impressive 35:1. This has a lower probability and hence there are other options to help you win easily. Positions like line, street, corner and split are available to play with. You can place multiple bets using these options and win better. There are some outside bets with much higher probability (up to 50%) where you can place bets too.

    Outside Betting:The red-black, high-low, column, odd-even and dozen are the positions here. Column and dozen hold twelve numbers each and pay you two to one. The other three bets pay you 1:1 on your wagered amount. Neighbours:There is a racetrack betting in American Roulette that lets you place betting chips on neighbours of any number. The number of neighbours on each side can be increased or decreased with 1 to 8. Game Statistics:The hot and cold numbers displayed on the screen helps you identify stronger and weaker positions. The advanced stats screen shows a graph of all the wins and losses too. Using these options you can efficiently apply new strategies.


    With various real-time stats and multiple betting options, American Roulette is the best variant if you want to make some good profits.

    Game Summary

    American Roulette

    Game Name: American Roulette

    Posted On: 20/12/2017

    Author: Shaun Allison

    American Roulette
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