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  • Fast Buck Lucky

    Fast Buck Lucky
    4.4615 (89.23%) 13 votes

    If you are looking for an online casino game that will surely keep you awake playing for a long time, while providing you, your loved ones and friends with a financially rewarding experience at the same time; then look no further than Fast Buck Lucky by IWG.

    Fast Buck Lucky – Triple Gaming, Triple Action, Triple Fun!

    You get to play three independent mini-games when you try out this online casino game, with each game offering a diversity and variety that is guaranteed to give you a great gameplay and pique your interest for much longer than usual.

    The three games that will give enthusiastic players loads of gaming action include the four leaf clovers, pots of gold and lucky horseshoes.

    Ready, Set, Play!

    Playing Fast Buck Lucky is very easy, you get to decide on your wager by either clicking on the positive button to increase your bet or on the negative button to reduce your wager for each of the three mini-games on offer and providing you with the opportunity of winning in NINE exclusively unique ways.

    By uncovering the rainbow when you play Game 1, you can stand the chance of winning the respective row prize that is displayed. With Game 2, you can win BIG by matching three (3) prize monies and whichever price money you match in triplicate, you WIN!

    When you are able to match two (2) items in a row in Game 3, you stand the chance of winning the prize that is displayed for that particular row. As mentioned earlier, Fast Buck Lucky provides you with the opportunity of increasing your earnings by winning in NINE different ways and this is achieved when all three games are combined and in effect, your odds of being really “lucky” and winning BIG bucks fast is boosted.

    High RTP!

    When you play this highly lucrative online casino game, you are sure to have a high Return To Player (RTP). What this means is that for each £100 you bet in the game, you could stand the chance of having a £90.09 pay out, making Fast Buck Lucky a game with a decent RTP in its category.


    The different game options help to make gameplay more exciting to players. It will also boost your fun factor from playing, which means more time and money spent by players. Lovers of online casino games would absolutely adore this slot game as they have the opportunity of winning BIG in NINE different ways and with a very high Return To Player (RTP) for their efforts.

    With this, you are sure to be hooked playing Fast Buck Lucky all-day-long and the best part of it all is that you make money and get rich in the process, making this casino game a MUST play for anyone looking for a fun-filled, all action and highly lucrative online casino game.

    Game Summary

    Fast Buck Lucky

    Game Name: Fast Buck Lucky

    Posted On: 05/07/2017

    Author: Shaun Allison

    Fast Buck Lucky
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