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  • Quick Fire Cash

    Quick Fire Cash
    4.4705 (89.41%) 17 votes

    Ever admired a cowboy along with that cool-looking hat and those perfect boots? Perhaps, that is what encouraged IWG to launch its new game Quick Fire Cash which allows you to have the best ever gaming experience. Want to know how? Well, it offers you 13 chances to hit it really rich.

    Make a Fast Fortune with Quick Fire Cash

     Quick Fire Cash allows you to have a sack full of gold in a blink of an eye. You can see a dusky environment in the background, hence supporting the cowboy theme. To play the game, you just have to roll your dice in order to set a multiplier which allows you to win up to 6x your prize. It offers you with four different games that will be determined by the multiplier you will end up with. Get into the salon of your choice and assemble as much cash as you can. You can easily get as many large wins as you want within no time.

    Quick Fire Cash provides an Immersive Gameplay

     After selecting the multiplier, you will be taken to one of the games.

    • In game 1, you have to click on any one of the barrels to uncover two symbols. If you will be able to uncover two identical ones, you will win the prize.
    • In game 2, Click on any one coin which will reveal two numbers on the same row. If your number will be bigger than their number on the same row, then you will win.
    • In game 3 as well you will be asked to select a sign, if the sum of the uncovered numbers is 10 on the same row, you will win.
    • In game 4, you just have to click on the money bag, and if you are lucky enough to uncover a stack of cash then you will win the rated amount. At the end of the game, you will be awarded the total of your winnings and the outcome of the game will be displayed on a message panel.


     Nothing can be easier than just selecting your choice of symbols and taking a huge amount of cash prizes under your name. Quick Fire Cash offers very simple and yet creative features which are already defined, all you have to do is, reveal them. Don’t wait much and enter into your favourite salon before the sun finally sets.

    Game Summary

    Quick Fire Cash

    Game Name: Quick Fire Cash

    Posted On: 05/07/2017

    Author: Shaun Allison

    Quick Fire Cash
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