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  • Mayan Bonus

    Mayan Bonus
    4.3075 (86.15%) 13 votes

    Mayan Bonus is an entertaining slot game released by the instant win and online games supplier- Instant Win Gaming. The slot has an ancient civilisation theme. In this, the players seek a treasure by matching the artefacts in order to reveal the prizes and collect the golden balls. It also has an amazing feature i.e. ‘Collect and Remain’. This slot game is a big hit among the players throughout the world.

    Getting into the Mayan Empire with Mayan Bonus

     Mayan Bonus has lucrative animations and visual designs. It is simple and an enjoyable game as it provides easy instructions. Ever since its introduction, this game is a huge success among the online players. It sports an average RTP which is 89.86%.

    How to Play?

     Mayan Bonus will start when you press the ‘Play’ button which is located under the stake amount button. And, once the player selects the ‘Play’ button, then the stake you select will get deducted from the current balance, and the game will begin.

    After this, the players are required to click on the individual items on the screen to reveal the symbol or prizes. You can also press ‘Reveal All’ button in order to reveal all the items at one go.

    Thus, the golden balls that are discovered will occupy the circle in the middle. And, once all the nine slots get filled up with the golden balls, the slot screen will unlock the ‘Spin a Wheel’ feature which is a bonus game that includes guaranteed cash prizes.

    Search And Win

    If the players reveal the nine prizes that lie behind the mask and if 3 of them match, then it provides the players with a win. And even if this does not happen, the players are still provided with a thrilling bonus game which offers a guaranteed win.

    How Does it End?

    The outcome is shown on the message panel when the game ends. The players can play it again with the same stake amount that was in the previous game by pressing ‘Play’ button which is located on the message panel, or the players can also alter the stake amount by pressing the stake buttons ‘+’ and ‘-’. And once again, after pressing the ‘Play’ button, the selected stake will get deducted from the current balance and the gameplay will start.


    Mayan Bonus has a fascinating gameplay. It provides exciting big prizes with the oncoming golden balls. This game involves easy to follow instructions making it quite comfortable for beginners. It has a high variance and by playing cleverly one can win a huge amount.

    Game Summary

    Mayan Bonus

    Game Name: Mayan Bonus

    Posted On: 05/07/2017

    Author: Shaun Allison

    Mayan Bonus
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