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What Makes Vintage Fruit Machine Slots So Popular? What Makes Vintage Fruit Machine Slots So Popular?

What Makes Vintage Fruit Machine Slots So Popular?

Since its inception, online slot machines have developed aggressively. That meant every game developer has to fight to stay on the top. Even though they develop rather innovative slot machines they try not to let go of the classic slots online, since it meant a safe bet for the developers. Given these facts, Fruit slots maintained their position and remain famous among the gamblers. But, what exactly makes them so famous that they can stay in such a competitive market?

What Makes Vintage Fruit Machine Slots So Popular?

Classic Slots Online have a Long History

The first slot machines were developed back in 1887 with just 3 reels, 1 payline and 5 symbols. There was nothing complicated about it and everyone could understand and play it quite well. The most popular symbols in the old-school slots were fruits namely melon, oranges, lemons and cherry. Still, you can find these symbols in all the fruit slots.

Classic Slots Online Haven’t Had Many Changes

From the time it was launched, online slot machines haven’t gone through much of a change in terms of look and feel. If you look at the fruit machines, you can see two different kinds. The first is the old-school slots which are a 3-reel slot with a couple of paylines may be. The second is the fruit slots which has got an upgrade in terms of HD graphics and animations without losing their original charm.

Classic Slots Online at Monster Casino

Monster Casino has a vast collection of online slots with every kind of theme possible. You can find slots from popular developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, etc which makes for a very entertaining gambling session. Additionally, you can also find classic fruit machines which take you back to the old era where the fruits symbols were predominant.

A few top fruit slot machines available at Monster Casino are listed here.

Fruit Spin
Fruit Spin slots is a 40 payline game with 5 reels. The slot has brought a modern twist to the classic slots online with HD graphics, more paylines and more reels. However, they haven’t strayed far from the classic. The low variance slot comes with a Lucky Wheels mini-game which is an interesting touch.

Cherry Blast
Cherry Blast slots is a 5 reel and 20 payline game. With fruits, bells and lucky 7 symbols, the classic slots online has everything required in a classic fruit slot. The Pac man themed bonus game is a welcome addition to this retro slot which is a visit down the memory lane.

Reel Rush
Reel Rush slots is a unique take on the classic slots online which comes with 3125 ways to win. The whole game looks like an enormous bonus game with interesting features and fast-paced gameplay.

Fruit Factory
Fruit Factory slots online is a 20 payline which is a modern take on the classic fruit slot without spoiling its integrity. It also introduces wild and scatters which makes up for the modern touch. The Reel Runner and Fruit Selector bonus make for an interesting gameplay.

What Makes Vintage Fruit Machine Slots So Popular?
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