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What Are Multiplier Symbols and How Does It Work? What Are Multiplier Symbols and How Does It Work?

What Are Multiplier Symbols and How Does It Work?

Multipliers have been around for a long time. They have and still are offering huge winnings to players of slots UK that land the same. By landing a certain multiplier, you can get your stake multiplied by a particular amount.

An easy way to identify a multiplier in a slots UK is by spotting a symbol with a huge X beside it. For example, 10X means your bet or winnings will be multiplied by 10 should you land it.

As much as these multipliers have been around for a while, modern slots UK games, especially those online come with paylines, scatters and wild symbols. Nevertheless, these symbols work hand in hand to give you a multiplier effect.

In this article, you’ll learn the various multiplier symbols available and how you stand to benefit from them.

What Are Multiplier Symbols and How Does It Work?

Main Game Multipliers in Slots UK

Starting off are the base game multipliers. These multipliers are found in the main game but can also make an appearance in the bonus rounds in some slot games. Whichever way, you’ll still stand a chance to win.

In the base game, the multiplier will only multiply the amount on the payline. This means that if you get 5 symbols + a 5x multiplier, then you’ll get 5 times the amount the symbols would have paid out.

Bonus Games and Free Spin Multipliers

You’ll find these symbols in the free spins and bonus rounds. Reason being that the game providers intend on breaking the monotony in the base game for more entertaining action in the bonus rounds. If you land these symbols, expect huge winnings.

Different slots UK have different multipliers that can unlock the free spins or bonus rounds. Others will let the players select the type of multiplier they wish adding an interesting twist to the game.

There are various patterns employed by game providers like picking a multiplier paired with free spins. More often than not, the lowest number of free spins will have the highest multiplier while the highest free spins have the lowest multipliers.

Wild Multipliers

If you are a religious slot game player, then you must have come across this type of multiplier. Wilds, as the name suggests, could make the entire game wild in terms of payouts. A number of slots UK games come wilds paired with multipliers.

Also, in almost all slots UK, the wilds replace other game symbols in the game to help form a winning combo. For example, if you land 4 identical symbols + a wild, then your payout will have 5 identical symbols.

It gets even better should the wild contain a multiplier. This means that your win will be increased multiple times.

Win or Bet Multipliers

Sometimes your win may be lower than your initial stake and this is where the bet multiplier comes in handy. Instead of multiplying your wins, this multiplier will increase your bet. This means that your wins can grow considerably should you land a win with this new bet.

Apart from that, there are multipliers that increase the entire bet instead of the line bet alone. With this in mind, it is important to understand the difference. You can do so by analyzing the paytable offered by the casino.

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What Are Multiplier Symbols and How Does It Work?
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