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Acquaint yourself about the 243-way slot game format here! Acquaint yourself about the 243-way slot game format here!

Acquaint yourself about the 243-way slot game format here!

One of the most popular formats of casino games in today’s times is the 243-way slot game. The main producers of the 243-way slot games in today’s world are the European based developers, which are well known, for example, Microgaming, which provides 30 plus 243-way slots and NetEnt, which provides 10 plus 243-way slots. Initially, 243-way slots were seen in the United States of America in several physical casinos almost 20 years ago. When the slot games turned towards the internet, the first 243-way slot game which became popularly known as the ‘Triple Fortune Dragon’. The casinos soon realised how great 243-way slots worked and renamed them as Multiways. 

Acquaint yourself about the 243-way slot game format here!

What does Multiway mean?

  • As every slot player knows, most of these slot games have a strict payline in a structure, for example, in the way of Book of Ra slot. This specific slot which is developed by Novomatic only has 9 paylines in total, which in order makes the winning chances for the players quite less.
  • A player must achieve about 2 or 3 symbols from the leftmost to the rightmost reel from at least one or more of those paylines. So, many times the players will notice that 3 symbols end up on the first 3 reels and end up with nothing. The players will observe that there is no way that they will line up in a certain way.
  • A ‘way’ is different from a payline. The slot game is basically almost similar in most of the cases, with the standard set of 5 reels and 3 rows, but in this situation, there are no paylines! The player will most definitely need a set of consecutive symbols from the leftmost row to the rightmost row to get a winning combo in any stage. Then, with the set of 5 reels and 3 rows, the players will have 3x3x3x3x3 (243) possible ways in the game and a 5-of-a-kind (5OAK) way to have a winning chance in the game. A brilliant example of a 243 ways slot which must be known by every single slot lover is the Triple Fortune Dragon from IGT. 
  • This way of the game mostly makes things easier for the player, because when the players observe consecutive reels appearing in similar symbols, they don’t have to stress whether they are situated on a winning payline. The 243-way layout will also reel in some extra opportunities for the player when stacked symbols are available in the game. 

Some Famous 243-way slots:

Acquaint yourself about the 243-way slot game format here!

  • 243-way slot games have been around for a long time now, and there are some slot games which have turned out to be really famous and are loved because of the way these works. Some of the well-known examples are Thunderstruck 2, Immortal Romance and Jurassic Park, which are all developed by the producer Microgaming and are definitely the most popular production by them.  These games have some really crazy features like automatically activating wild reels, for example, the ‘Wildstorm’ and ‘Wild Desire’. These games also have some bonus rounds, through including some various types of expanding wilds which has greatly improved the chances of multiway winning combos for the players. 
  • The next example is of the producer Netent and their famous slot game, ‘Twin Spin‘. It has gotten popular because of the 243-way slot, which bonds about 2 to 5 reels on every single spin. It improves the multiway chances of winning and with a number of stacked symbols can often give the players huge bonuses and rewards on the specific spins.

What are the potential wins for 243-way slots?

Through the layout of the multiway set-up in the game, slot game developers can comfortably adjust the volatility of the game, according to their wishes by the use of values which are assigned to the symbols, but in the case of the bonus round, it is definitely more. For example, the slot game Immortal Romance will give the player a little more on the excess side of 10,000x stake when a full screen of wild symbols are displayed. It can be received by a random wild reels feature which is available only in one of the free game rounds of the game, whereas in the case of Netent’s Twin Spin, players will give a maximum of 1080x stake but will receive award wins in the range of 10-100x stake. This is considered the middle range, and this happens more frequently than one can imagine.

The popularity of 243-way slot game is very high and is easily accessible through slot machine games online. Some of the best playing online slot games are found in Vegas and slot games of UK. 

Acquaint yourself about the 243-way slot game format here!
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Post Name : Acquaint yourself about the 243-way slot game format here!

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