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The Biggest and the Most Famous Baccarat Run

Are you a pro player of live casinos online? If yes, then you must be familiar with the game of baccarat. Baccarat is one of the popular mobile casino games. It is the simplest among all the card games. It has earned a reputation as the game of high rollers. It is because the game seems to be more appealing to the billionaires in the world than anyone else.

Most baccarat players have a good knowledge of the baccarat variations and are well-versed in the baccarat guide. However, if you have a strong inclination toward the casino game of baccarat, you must also be curious to know about the baccarat runs. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous and biggest baccarat runs.

Raging Aussie

When it is about the famous baccarat runs, raging Aussie is the first thing that comes to mind. Are you hearing about it for the very first time? Do not worry, here is all you need to know about one of the biggest baccarat runs.

Kerry Packer, an Australian media tycoon, was interested in playing the game of baccarat really well. In one instance, he headed to the Las Vegas casino with sufficient time in hand and a huge bankroll. However, unfortunately, he came across a problem. The case holding the accoutrements as well as the chips of the game was locked. A casino boss who was quite resourceful saw the passion of Kerry Packer for the game and decided to smash open the case using a crystal ashtray.

Finally, Kerry Packer tried his luck at the baccarat table and had a great time. He appreciated the efforts of the casino boss. After getting ahead by some million dollars, he decided to make a bet of $100,000 on behalf of the crew. Well, that wasn’t one of his biggest baccarat runs. It just began in the mid-1990s during his trip to the Las Vegas casino.

The Aussie kingpin started betting six figures in a single hand at the game of baccarat. He is known to have won about $40 million during the course of that run. He tipped the crew handsomely, and his streak-swing system was quite remunerative for the dealers.

In the book named “Whale Hunt in the Desert” by Steve Cyr, a legendary casino host, it is written about the aftermath of a big win. An outgoing executive was sent off to Packer’s polo ranch present in the British countryside.

The executive went to London. A helicopter was sent by Packer to pick up the executive, who then flew to London. However, the executive came with bad news that following the massive win, Packer was banned from all the MGM properties. But there were still many other casinos in the world that welcomed Kerry Packer and enabled him to gamble high at the baccarat tables.

The Trump Buster

Most people play the game of baccarat or other new online casinos for fun. However, not many people can afford to make multi-million-swings just for fun. In the 1990s, a real estate tycoon, Akio “The Warrior” Kashiwagi, from Japan, was popular as the Moby Dock of the game of baccarat. The risk-loving tycoon travelled all around the world. In one instance, he was in Atlantic City and played at three casinos of Donald Trump – Taj Mahal, Trump Marina, and Trump Plaza. He wagered about $185,000 per hand.

His greatest win was at the Diamond Beach Casino in Australia, where he won about $15 million. However, his satisfying win was at the Atlantic City. There he won a modest amount of $8 million, but his high level of satisfaction was witnessed by a pre-presidential trump who provided him with $14,000 per night suites and all that he required.

Kashiwagi returned to the Taj Mahal of Trump for a $12 million freeze-out. However, Trump called it after a victory of just $10 million. Kashiwagi screamed and yelled as Trump was not true to his promises. After the dirty dealing of Trump, he was killed by a Samurai sword. But the crime remained unsolved.

The Baccarat Machine

Cheung Yin “Kelly” Sun started gaming as a sucker and gradually began sucking millions out of the casinos that made an attempt to crush her. She was born in China and was the daughter of a wealthy industrialist. She entered the world of gambling early and lost millions at different casinos around the world. She was treated with luxurious suites, comped flights, and Champagnes. However, after a muddle over an unpaid $100,000 marker, she was put in the Las Vegas jail. Once she was released from jail, she wanted revenge.

Kelly came up with a tricky yet legal playing technique known as “edge sorting” to identify whether to bet on the player or the banker side. It enabled her to earn millions of dollars.

Later, she partnered with Phil Ivey, the poker legend. He continued to serve as a big player while Kelly served as the operation’s brain. She took a look at the card, identified the advantages, and told Phil which one was the right side to bet on. They travelled around the globe, lived high, and were able to make great winnings of about $30 million. The wild adventure and intense gameplay of Kelly made her earn the nickname as ‘Baccarat Machine’.

However, things came to an end when the casino bosses at London’s Crockfords were able to understand the ways adopted by Kelly and her partner Phil Ivey. The casino had a doubt about the advantage play of Kelly Sun and welcomed a winning of over $10 million. A court case was filed. The whole world became aware of its indigenousness of Kelly. After the revelation, Kelly Sun was less welcomed at the different casinos around the world.

Later, a movie was developed portraying the life of Kelly Sun. The title of the movie was “The Baccarat Machine”. It was a perfect title as it resembled the nickname of Kelly Sun.


By now, you must have gained sufficient knowledge about the biggest baccarat runs. Now it’s time to learn the winning strategies of baccarat and try your hands at the popular card game.

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The Biggest and the Most Famous Baccarat Run
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