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  • Treasure 7×7

    Treasure 7×7
    3.941 (78.82%) 17 votes

    Those of you raised on a diet of Sinbad of the Seven Seas, Captain Nemo, Captain Jack Sparrow comics and have the Jolly Roger cheerily waving in your bedrooms will definitely love Treasure 7X7. Made by IWG, it’s an excellent way to slash and burn your way across various exotic locales while saving damsels in distress and winning uncountable fortune into the bargain. The game also comes with really impressive graphics that are good enough to make a real pirate salivate at the goodies on offer. With lots of ways to win it big and retire to a tropical paradise with your rich booty, Treasure 7×7 is a premier IWG product that’s worth considering. Read on and see just what treasures this game stock in its larder.

    Get Your Treasure 7×7 Fix To Strike It Rich

     In the days of old, gaining treasure invariably involved sailing far far away from unknown locales and risking life and limb. Thankfully, this game does not require that, since it’s playable virtually anywhere and by anyone. To start, just choose how much you want to stake and press the “Play” button. Viola, your treasure-seeking adventure is underway. Just hold on and prepare to be amazed.

    Come Set Sail To Adventure

     Landlubbers, as well as expert seafarers, are welcome in Treasure 7×7. The game visuals are excellent and totally in keeping with the theme. As well, the audio is pulse-pounding and soon gets one in the mood for wild times and experiences.

    Winning comes easy. For that to happen, players must first seek out the treasure and set sail with it in tow to a desert island. The voyage is, of course, dangerous, with hungry sharks looking to eat your treasure before you can get it to a place of safety.

    The treasure is locked in a chest. To get this open, players must pick seven symbols from a total of twelve to make the lines on a board complete. Once this is done and they are successful, it’s time to party and celebrate the winnings!


     This beautiful-looking and a totally fun game come with 16 ways to win. It also has extreme playability value in that it’s excellent for both novices and experts. The RTP at 89.40% might be below average, but Treasure 7X7 makes it up by offering varied ways to win it big. Overall, this is a high variance slot that’s very easy to recommend. Set sail and grab your treasures now!

    Game Summary

    Treasure 7×7

    Game Name: Treasure 7×7

    Posted On: 05/07/2017

    Author: Shaun Allison

    Treasure 7×7
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