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  • Buster Blackjack

    Buster Blackjack
    4.3335 (86.67%) 21 votes

    If you love the Blackjack game and feeling lucky about winning good money but just want more than what the game offers, say hello to Buster Blackjack with side option that can award you half a million on each hand at Monster Casino. Yes, you heard it right, a whopping £50,000 when you get a Blackjack and win the side bet with maximum side betting of £250 per hand. So three hands put together can make you an instant millionaire. This amazing casino game with three hands of Blackjack is designed so you can get rich with your luck. It has all the basic rules of classic Blackjack but extends with side bet based on a number of cards drawn at bust level.

    About the Developer of Buster Blackjack

    The developer of Buster Blackjack is NYX – FELT gaming who has many award-winning games to their achievements list. With over a decade of experience in building some of the popular casino games online, they have earned the reputation of satisfying high stake gamblers across the world.

    About the Game

    It can be played from the lowest level of just one single hand without side bet to all three hands along with one, two or three side bets. You need to beat the dealer’s hand without getting busted in order to win the hand. For the side bet, you need to win the hand with a minimum number of cards than the dealer has drawn. You can try the game with single side bet to start with and once you get a hang of it, you can increase your bet amount and number of hands.

    Blackjack Win: This is a straightforward and an instant win to whoever gets the Blackjack that is 21 points from first two cards dealt on those hands. You are awarded 3 to 2 your bet and chances are that you can possibly get the Blackjack on all three hands.

    Insurance: This is an option in Buster Blackjack that is offered to you only when the dealer’s face-up card is an ace. You can agree or reject the insurance, however, if you win with insurance then you are awarded 2 to 1 your bet amount. The results of this are regardless of who wins, the bet on insurance is whether the dealer will get Blackjack or not. If the dealer gets Blackjack then you win 2 to 1, else lose half your bet amount which is the cost of insurance.


    With interesting side bet feature with an opportunity of winning up to half a million in one single hand, Buster Blackjack is the game you definitely want to try. With 99.63% of return to the player, you can take home maximum winnings.

    Game Summary

    Buster Blackjack

    Game Name: Buster Blackjack

    Posted On: 16/03/2017

    Author: Shaun Allison

    Buster Blackjack
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