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  • Blackjack Suit Em Up

    Blackjack Suit Em Up
    4.25 (85%) 24 votes

    Blackjack Suit em Up is one of the best Blackjack formats available to play online as it allows you to play three hands at a time, along with an option to play a side bet on each of those hands. So you not only get to win three times on Blackjack hands but three side bets as well. The side bet game is known as suit em up and you win when two of your first cards dealt have an identical symbol that is hearts, diamond, club or spade. However, there are different combinations from which you can win from 2 to 1 all the way to 50 to 1 the amount you have a bet.

    About the Developer of Blackjack Suit em Up

    The developer is NYX – FELT Gaming, an online game provider of all the popular casino games in the world. With precise mathematical calculation in their games, they have been constantly contributing to the community of online gamers and helping them win some real money by trying their luck as well.

    About the Game

    You will be playing Blackjack Suit em Up just like the classic game but you can bet up to three hands per game along with three side bets. So for every hand, you place a bet, you can play its side bet as well. The amount can be anything between 10p and £500 which is minimum and max for the main game and side bet with minimum and max being 10p and £250 respectively. For the side bet, you need to get first two cards with the same symbol in order to win and the amount you win depends on the combination of cards.

    The advantage over the dealer: If you get 21 points or Blackjack, you can be sure of winning that hand. Another possibility is when the dealer gets a bust by exceeding 21 points. The advantage with the latter is, the moment dealer is busted you get to win all three hands you have a bet. However, when you get busted in Blackjack Suit em Up, you just lose that particular hand but can move on with other two.

    Winning the side bet: This is completely out of the main game and you get to win this regardless of your result in the main game. Since the stakes of winning are more in the side bet, it is better that your betting amount is more here. When you get two identical aces during the deal with the same symbol then you can win a whopping 50 times your bet amount, which is far higher than the Blackjack itself.


    This is a game where you can make more money on side bets than the main bet. So Blackjack Suit em Up is a perfect game for everyone who is lucky at casino games as the stakes you can win here is high.

    Game Summary

    Blackjack Suit Em Up

    Game Name: Blackjack Suit Em Up

    Posted On: 23/03/2017

    Author: Shaun Allison

    Blackjack Suit Em Up
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