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  • Blackjack Classic High

    Blackjack Classic High
    4.316 (86.32%) 19 votes

    Blackjack Classic High is a game designed specifically for high rolling players who are confident about winning. Such players usually look for a game with higher betting limits and that is exactly what you get in this game. That does not mean the low rollers cannot play this as the minimum betting that starts here is just £1. The game also comes with multiple hands so you can win more games in an hour. With professionally looking table and high-quality graphics, this game makes you feel you are in a casino. The jazz music that is played in the background makes the atmosphere more exciting. The highest you can bet here is £2500 per hand each game.

    About the developer of Blackjack Classic High

    The developer of this amazing high betting limit blackjack variant is NetEnt. They are one of the top five ranked developers in the world who builds games using modern technologies and platforms. Their games support all types of smartphone and tablet devices too.

    About the game

    To win in Blackjack Classic High, you must score more points than the dealer but within the 21 points limit. You will then get a payout of 100% on your original bet amount. If you get 21 points from first two cards itself, you win 3:2 as the payout. You must be careful not to exceed the point limit which will get you a BUST and you will lose that hand. The good news is, if the dealer gets a BUST, you will win all your hands instantly without playing them. There are three hands where you can place your bets, and the amount can be same or different for each of them.

    Double:This is the feature in Blackjack Classic High that lets you double your betting amount. You can use this option only if the total value of your first two cards is 11, 10 or 9. Once you choose this option, you can draw just one more card after which the hand will automatically be held.

    Split:You can split a hand into two when initial two cards have similar face values. All split hands will receive a second card so you can continue the game.

    Insurance:You can buy this each time the dealer has an ace as the open card. This will cost you half the amount of your bet and you will be paid 2:1 if the dealer makes a BJ hand. If no blackjack, the game continues as normal but you will lose the fee amount of 50%.


    Blackjack Classic High is one of the few games with such a huge betting limits and multiple hands. With HD graphics and various exciting options, winning is not very difficult here.

    Game Summary

    Blackjack Classic High

    Game Name: Blackjack Classic High

    Posted On: 20/12/2017

    Author: Shaun Allison

    Blackjack Classic High
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