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Understanding The Variances Of Slots Volatility: A Deep Insight Understanding The Variances Of Slots Volatility: A Deep Insight

Understanding The Variances Of Slots Volatility: A Deep Insight


Slots have a fan following of their own. While many check the RTP of the game, others go for slot volatility. Different slot machines have different rates of slot volatility. 

This article will cover what exactly slot volatility is and every little detail that players should know. So what are we waiting for? Let’s start.

What do you understand by slot volatility?

Slot volatility helps to assess the performance of the slot machine, whether it be traditional or online. When you want to manage the bankroll, slot volatility comes into play. Knowing how much you should spend, how much you can gain from a game and what are risks you can face- all this information comes from slot volatility. The metrics offer information on how much you can win or lose so that you get to choose the best kind of slot game for yourself.

What are the types of slot volatility and what do you mean by them?

There are three kinds of slot volatility mainly high, medium and low games. There are five types of sub-classifications as well- high, medium, medium-high, low, and low-medium. The variance of slot machines is set early on depending upon the RNG. Since game providers cannot reveal information about RNG, players choose to calculate the variance of the slot machine by themselves.

Say you are playing at a slot machine that can offer you huge prizes but somehow not able to win any winning combinations, it’s because you are playing a high variance game. If the slot machine offers you fewer wins but can win them frequently, you are playing a low variance game.

If you are someone who doesn’t like spending money and takes fewer risks, then you play games that offer you quite frequent wins. But if you are a risk-taker and have sufficient bankroll to manage through the game, you would look forward to playing medium to high volatility slot games as you get large wins though at fewer rates.

Difference between volatility and variance?

The truth is there no difference at all between volatility and variance. They are literally used to define gameplay. You will hear the term variance used mostly in poker which later got known as volatility in the world of slots. The latter is also used in finance which is a statistical measure to describe the variation of a trading price series.

Slot Machine Volatility Index: How to measure the volatility of the slot machines

Well, traditionally people say you can measure slot volatility by understanding the combination of symbols and odds. But the truth is there are some complex equations that determine what slot volatility is.

There is something called a volatility index. It basically determines how volatile the slot is. But companies do not display that information in public. In other words, the index is the value of every combination that tells us how often the combination is bound to happen. 

Even though slot volatility is not really an easy thing to measure, here is an example that might help you to understand the concept. Mainly you have take these pointers into consideration:

  1. At the paytable, check the difference in payouts of 4 and 5 symbols. If the latter tends to pay more, it’s a high variance slot.
  2. Check out the prizes that the game providers offer. If they are big prizes, it’s a high volatility game.
  3. Go through the maximum betting option. High variance games tend to have small betting options.
  4. RTP is a good way to determine whether the game is a high, medium or low volatility slot


High Variance Slots: What do you mean by high variance?

For risk takers, high-variance slots are the best choice. Though you will get fewer payouts, they will be of gigantic amounts. And on top of that you will have unlimited access to the bonus features. You have to have a strong mindset and tight budget because you can get way too swayed by emotions. Additionally, you also tend to lose more money than you can gain when you compare it with other slot games.

Low Variance Slots: What do you mean by Low Variance?

It is completely opposite of high variance slots. In the former, you get small payouts but more frequently. When you spin the reels of your favourite low slot machine, you should be mentally prepared to receive lesser payouts after sixth or tenth spin. This is ideally for those who have just started playing slots for the first time. For people who look for entertainment and low-risk takers, low variance slot volatility enjoyed immense popularity.

Medium Variance Slots: What do you mean by medium variance?

They are the combination of both low and high variance slot games. Unlike the former, they offer enormous payout values. And they occur quite frequently which is the complete opposite of the high variance slot games. When you plan your bankroll efficiently, you can spin the reels for a longer time which is another contrast to high variance games. All these reasons sum up the growing popularity of medium variance slot games.

Whom to choose? 

This entirely depends on you. It depends on your bankroll, gameplay and mindset. If you love winning attractive cash prizes and have the privilege of spending money on a game, then definitely choose high variance. But if you love the idea of winning more than the cash prize, then a low variance slot game is for you. And if you like both i.e. high payouts more frequently, then medium variance slots will work better for you.

To conclude, do your own research before investing in any slot game. And most importantly, just enjoy the process of playing and not just winning.

Understanding The Variances Of Slots Volatility: A Deep Insight
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Posted On : 14/04/2021

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