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List of must-watch sports betting documentaries

The film world has a keen interest to portray every single aspect of mankind. It’s like they are very dedicated and see it as a must-do mission. Did you know they have even created plenty of sports betting documentaries, which no gambler should miss out on?

You must watch this If you are a true sports betting enthusiast and are curious about knowing the untold facts about the sports betting industry. These popular documentaries are an actual depiction of the underworld of the sports betting world. It will allow you to have unlimited wisdom and insights into the same.

Where to begin?

If you are wondering where to begin and what to watch about them, let us help you with that. We have come up with the most popular and incredible list of must-watch sports betting documentaries just for you. This could help you with your sports betting online venture.

 You don’t want to know the effort we have taken to sort it out for you. Several hours of binge-watching have gifted us square eyes and joint pains. But it helped us to make this list for you to give you all the pleasure of watching these sporty shorts. Our list is loaded with the most watchable and popular sports betting documentaries ever made.

We can assure you that by watching the documentary, you will receive a brand new idea about the unwritten facts about the world of online sports betting. Hopefully, this will help you to have an evergreen and fruitful sports betting career.

Let’s get started with our best list

Every documentary on our list is significant and unique in its ways. All of the niches revolve around the world of sports betting. Also, be aware that we can assure you watching these documentaries will improve your betting skills and will enlighten you with new sports betting tips. Alright, now put on your comfies, get a bowl of popcorn and your favourite Slurpee, it is movie time, guys. Watch with pleasure!

•Can You Beat The Bookies?

Most of us know the legendary comedian Lloyd Griffith, a leading entertaining sports commentator on the Soccer AM show of Skys. Lloyd is not only that but also the owner of a sweet voice, and he regularly showcases it by participating in the Windsor Castle and Westminster abbey chapel choir.

The documentary “ Can you beat the bookies?” portrays Lloyd’s sports betting career in a nutshell. He began his sports betting journey with £7500, with a motive of doubling it within four weeks. The most impressive part of the show is its real-life depiction with the appearance of Lloyd as a commoner with plenty of beep-worthy instants.

Despite the show being for four hours, Lloyd adds lots of listen-worthy experiences from his career. This will help every sports bettor one way or another. He shared his insights and details of his career with professional sports players, bettors and gamblers.

We assure you that the documentary will be worth your time if you plan to engage in sports betting or casino games as Lloyd did. We will not spoil the fun by telling you the Lloyds money-doubling plan. You can watch it yourself whenever you are ready, to know every detail.

• Gamblers Like Me: The Dark Side of Sports Betting

As the name suggests, the BBC documentary “Gamblers like me: The dark side of sports betting” is a raw unravelling of the untold side of the betting industry. The movie portrays the influence of football betting on African continents and the traps beneath them. 

Here BBC Africa portrays every step of a young Ugandan football admirer on a mission to know the dark side of sports betting. He goes through the darkest paths to discover the upside-down of the football betting industry. After constantly trying, he finds out about the betting giants who lure vulnerable people as scapegoats.

The documentary says, most of the victims of gambling fraud are young football admirers. And those who seek to bet as a final resort to get a quick fix easing their financial burdens. The notorious underworld of football gambling is the key area on which the documentary sheds light.

•Now Place Your Bets (2017)

This influential film by Dennis Tobler identifies the emergence of legal sports betting in the state of Nevada, the United States. It highlights the turning points which resulted in the formation of today’s sports betting world. 

The film has many personal accounts, interviews, footage, and photographs of sports bettors and players.

The documentary portrays the transition of Las Vegas into the world gambling centre and how it overcame the risk elements, such as crimes, social security, etc. Moreover, it showcases the opinions of U.S government officials, casino operators, sportsbook owners, oddsmakers, bookmakers, journalists, economists, and historians. Along with these factors, the film portrays parlay bets and their influence on the gambling world.

• Fantasy Sports Gambling

The 2016 released documentary is a mutual creation of the new york times and frontline. An hour-long short film portrays the hidden side of fantasy sports and betting. It focuses on how the gambling enforcement laws altered it into a billion-dollar industry.

With candid interviews of prosecutors, gamblers, and regulators, the film tracks the path of the flourishing industry and its mysterious operations. If you feel inspired after watching this film, you can try your luck by getting the best no-deposit bonus. That will help you to practice any casino games you wish to play.

•The Best of It

Unlike many other documentaries on our list, this one is a character-centred film. Which illustrates the real life of four professional gamblers Banker, Dink, Boston, and Shrink. The film focuses on the 2010 NCAA basketball tournament. 

Further, the film explores the real struggles of professional gamblers to cope with the upsides and low tides of sports betting. As we watch the movie, we can see the overruling of uncertainty in the pro bettor’s life. Unfortunately, without going further, one of the pro bettors from the film took his life after facing a huge loss.

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