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All you need to know about various roulette types

When you log into any gambling website and click on the roulette category, the website will instantly take you to the popular variations of roulette available. Have you ever got curious about knowing the variations and wondered if any other roulette types are available apart from the ones listed on the casino website?

The most popular variations of roulettes available in any online or mobile casino game across the world are American roulette and European roulette. And probably you are already familiar with them. There is one more version, but it is less popular than these two. It is the French version of roulette.

Which all roulettes are available nowadays?

Unlike American, and European roulette, the French one is hardly accessible, and it’s difficult to find live casinos online nowadays due to technical reasons. But, if you are still interested in french roulette and the interesting and detailed explanation of American and European roulette, this article can be helpful to you as we are going to discuss the same. 

Along with these popular variations of roulette nowadays, you can spot a few modern mixed versions of roulette in casinos online such as Triple Zero Roulette. Which is nothing but a mix of American, and European roulette. Let’s go ahead and discuss the same. First, let’s start with the famous American roulette.

• American Roulette

Gamblers across the globe have been actively playing roulette ever since its invention in the early 1700s by an ancient mathematician called Blaise Pascal. During that time, the only version of roulette available was American roulette. The novel roulette wheel consisted of 38 spaces which were marked with numbers starting from zero to thirty-six along with a spare zero space.

While playing the old version of roulette, your primary objective was to predict in which part of the wheel the white ball will land once the wheel ends its spin. This version is widely available in today’s electronic roulette version. Casinos win their profits in roulette because of the extra zero spaces. If it weren’t for the extra zero space, both the odd/even and red/black wagering options would have a fair chance of success which is fifty per cent.

The extra zeroes are numbers in green space and they will not be counted as odd or even so no rewards are handed out. This will make the winning chance of the player forty-seven per cent instead of a fifty per cent chance. You may feel like it’s a small difference, but keep in mind that this is how casinos earn their profits. Every single time a player fails, casinos succeed and make their profit.

Note: Casinos witness thousands of players and thousands of game rounds each day. Small wins add up into a big pool of winnings by the end of the day they will be making a huge chunk of profit even though players are not getting as they expect. This process is identified as the house edge and the American roulette possesses a house edge of 5.27%.

The history of the American roulette

After hearing the name and the origin of roulette, you are probably curious to know how American roulette ended up with its name even though it originated in 1700 France. With time, roulette with the single zero spread all over Europe. Eventually, the roulette crossed continents and ended up in the United States of America.

Roulette became very popular in America within a short period. But, the casino operators in the United States were not in favor of giving the players an advantage. So, this resulted in them creating a version of roulette with a double zero with a picture of an American eagle on it. 

The house edge was higher in the double zero version. So, they ended up compromising the original single zero version for the modified version of roulette with double zero. The usage of game simulators and roulette calculators is common in European roulette.

The double zero version also gained instant popularity and if you are in any brick-and-mortar casino in the United States, you will only be able to find the double zero version, which is now known as the famous American roulette.

• European Roulette

As discussed earlier, right after the invention of roulette, it received widespread popularity. And the Americans marked their alteration on the game by adding double zero spaces on the wheel. But the Europeans, the original inventor of the game, were not satisfied with the moves. So they decided to take the control back, which led to the invention of the European roulette by removing the extra zero.

Initially, it was experimentally introduced in a casino operated by two French brothers. But later, after its success, the rest of the casinos started making European roulette available for the players. Gamblers started liking the new version of roulette as the lack of double zero spaces increased the success of roulette odds, along with a lower house edge than the American roulette.

The invention of European roulette was considered a remarkable step for the European gambling industry as it ignited the market to gain more customers from all across the world. The lower house edge was the primary reason behind the instant success of European roulette, and it attracted plenty of gamblers to start playing European roulette. The house edge of the European version is just 2.7%.

Note: European roulette is available in most brick-and-mortar casinos in Asia and Europe. And you can find it in the most reputable online casinos. Online casinos tend to highlight the game as it has a lot of followers from various nations.

•French Roulette

This is the last version of roulette which we haven’t discussed yet. French roulette is the first variant of roulette, which is quite similar to the European version. French roulette also uses a single zero space just like the European one but with slight differences in the design of the roulette wheel. During the early days, clubs conducted daily roulette tournaments to boost the fun.

The betting options are also different in this variant, but the house edge is low compared to American and European roulette. If you are thinking of playing French roulette, you better start your search quickly like online casinos, and traditional casinos rarely offer French roulette nowadays.

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