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What Makes Triple Zero Roulette So Exclusive? What Makes Triple Zero Roulette So Exclusive?

What Makes Triple Zero Roulette So Exclusive?

What Makes Triple Zero Roulette So Exclusive?

Certain games should be best avoided at all costs. These games provide a better house advantage than others. Some good examples of such games are Big Six, Bonus Six, Keno, etc. Especially if you consider keno, then it’s not a really good option as it provides a 30% house edge in certain situations. Roulette is usually known as a game known for producing low odds. That is why it is a fairly popular game among all avid gamers. However, there is another version of Roulette that can get as deceptive as it does. This version is called the Triple Zero Roulette and is discussed below as to why you should explore the Triple Zero Roulette.

What Is Triple Zero Roulette?

If anyone who is familiar with playing Roulette earlier knows that American Roulette and European Roulette are two of the most popular versions that dominate the game. The American Roulette has 38 pockets whereas the European Roulette constitutes 37 pockets. These two are usually considered the most common types of Roulette.

Triple Zero Roulette, on the other hand, has thirty-nine pockets which consist of numbers from 1-36, zero, double zero, and Triple Zero. Perhaps, it is the only version of Roulette who’s pocket offers three zeros.

Is Triple Zero the right choice?

The general misconception is that many players find Triple Zero Roulette interesting and easy as it allows them to try out a new game but upon learning, you will find out that the games provide a high edge on most of the bets. This is because the pockets, specifically the coloured green offers maximum house advantage. If you bet a black on the red/black wager, then you get 18 chances of winning as 1-36 pockets constitutes 18 black spaces. 

Since the Triple Zero Roulette has 21 pockets, bets on three zeros like 0, 00, and 000 can amount to a loss. Upon mathematically calculating, you will find that you have 18 chances of winning and losing and the three zeros are the ones that have the possibility of giving you an extra edge over the others. The house advantage of this game stands at 7.69% and is considered to be the worst of all games. This is done so that the casinos ultimately can win huge sums of money.

Is Triple Zero the right choice?

To avoid or not to avoid Triple Zero wheels?

The best thing about Triple Zero Roulette is that it is not readily available in many casinos. Many gambling centres do not host this game. Many gamblers are aware of the nature of Triple Zero Roulette, so they are naturally inclined towards the other two variations American and European Roulette. 

However, those who do not understand much about Triple Zero Roulette may play this game only to see their money gone within just a few minutes of playing. They naturally shift to the other two variations. 

Many charity events and auctions set up Triple Zero Roulette tables. So if you ever identify one, then, you can easily avoid it. You will find the Roulette wheel containing three green pockets. Green as a sign is always meant to be on the go but in the case of this game, green means to stop and turn away completely from the Triple Zero Roulette table.

What are the advantages of Triple Zero Roulette?

Triple Zero Roulette will drain out on your bankroll than any other normal Roulette game. The only advantage you will receive for playing this game is that you may get some comps. You will be receiving some key VIP benefits and rewards. But such incentives should not distract you from the fact that even if you are receiving more benefits, you still have very low chances of winning this game.

List of other Roulette options

List of other Roulette options

Below are some of the other Roulette variations that are explained in great detail.

American Roulette

The American Roulette has thirty-eight pockets which consist of 1-36, zero and double zero. The double zeros offer a house advantage of 5.26%. It is a better deal than the game of  Triple Zero Roulette.

European Roulette

European Roulette consists of 37 pockets which have 1-36 and a single zero. The zero itself offers a house advantage of 2.70%. It is one of the most popular games and is preferred to Triple Zero and American Roulette as it offers one of the favorable house advantages in the casino industry.

French Roulette

French Roulette is similar to the European with one exception. It has a special rule called la partage. It means that the game will offer half-money when you lose even bets and the ball falls on zero. Just like it’s counterpart, the French Roulette has a house edge of 2.70%. But when the rule of la partage is applied, the value is cut down to 1.35% only if you play with even money bets. 

Mini Roulette (With La Partage)

Mini Roulette has a small wheel that consists of thirteen pockets containing 1-12 and zero. However, the house edge of this game stands at 7.69%. You must be wondering how is it any better than Triple Zero Roulette? This version also features the la partage rule that cuts down the house edge to 3.85%. Though mini Roulette does not give you better chances of winning just like their counterparts French and European Roulette. But it’s still better than American and Triple Zero Roulette 


Casinos are usually fair and square with their house edges. They give you an equal chance of winning by offering you French and European Roulette. American and mini-Roulette are not really the favourites but it does not drain you out of your bankroll. With house edge being at 7.69%, it is advised to play Triple Zero for fun and entertainment. If you take this seriously, you will lose your money really quickly.

What Makes Triple Zero Roulette So Exclusive?
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