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Monster Casino Steps Into the Elite List of EGR Nomination 

We are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for the prestigious EGR Award under the Affiliate marketing campaign! EGR is well-known for recognising the best players in the igaming industry who have been innovative and authentic in the online gaming space.

Having spent several years offering world class casino games and providing people with the kind of gaming options that they require, Monster Casino, which supports responsible gambling, is looking towards this nomination with commitment and hope. 

The EGR Award – The Belief in Innovation 

For the unversed, the EGR Award, which as mentioned earlier, is an award that looks at recognising companies that have been the most innovative in the online gaming space. Companies that have brought something new to the field, always have an opportunity to complete and place themselves among the elite list of nominees. 

While the pandemic placed the awards ceremony to take the online route, we are now in 2022 and that means the EGR Awards are set to be hosted in-person and Zoom-free. It brings the best of the business under one roof and helps everyone commemorate their efforts in creating something unique in the world of online gaming. 

Considering the challenges put forward by the ever-changing gaming space, the EGR Award has always been seen as a beacon of hope that recognises your efforts and motivates you to push forward. 

Striving Forward 

The EGR Awards, which will be held on the 14th of June, 2022 at The Hurlingham Club in London is already being seen as an auspicious day where we are hoping to emerge as winners in this category and have kept our fingers crossed. 

We have been excited right from the moment we heard about the nomination and are certainly looking forward with hope because one cannot place a value on an award like the EGR.

About Monster Casino 

Monster Casino is an online gaming platform that provides people with the experience of casino games emerging from both the traditional and modern gaming space. 

It comes clear on all types of games, which is why our options exceed more than 5 different genres of gaming. Along with gaming, players will also be introduced to a user interface that is second to none. 

The interface which is catered to be engaging is one that is sure to keep you hooked, while you go about exploring different types of games. 

From slot games to the more traditional ones like Baccarat and so on, Monster Casino has much to offer and you have a lot to explore. With this brief understanding of our platform, you can certainly begin to be a part of the gaming journey that is offered by the one and only Monster Casino. 

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Monster Casino Steps Into the Elite List of EGR Nomination 
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Post Name : Monster Casino Steps Into the Elite List of EGR Nomination 

Posted On : 10/05/2022

Author : Thomas Robinson