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Here’s a List of the Biggest Casinos in the World

Casinos and their flamboyant take on luxury are something that you ought to experience because as the saying goes, you only live once. So using your time on earth to check out some of the biggest casinos is certainly worth it and in order to get started, you can get yourself into the mix by learning more about casino fashion.

And once you are done with that, you need to scroll down and explore a few of the top casinos in the world that are also known to be the biggest. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down now!

•Venetian Macau


Venetian Macau, modelled on the original location in Vegas, is not only one of the biggest casinos in the world but also one of the biggest buildings in the world. At 550,000 square feet, this building consists of over 1,000 table games, more than 3,300 slot machines and other classic casino games that are here to provide an experience like no other.

Apart from all the gambling extravaganzas that are also termed mobile casino games, you can also explore this place for a fine dining experience. Venetian’s take on food is another mark of luxury because you can choose anything from Cantonese Lei Garden to Italian at Portofino. 

Moreover, it can also be considered as a hub for shopping with Sands Shoppes and in case that is not enough, you must know that the roof is an 18-hole golf course. Hence, visit Venetian Macau because it is a world of its own. 

• WinStar World Casino

Thackerville, Oklahoma is the home to one of the largest casinos in the world and at 600,000 – square feet of space, it is where the world comes to gamble and explore some of the best games of all time. With top casino security monitoring this luxurious casino, you can expect to find gambling games of all kinds.

There are over 8,600 machines, a top-class poker room that consists of around 55 tables, more than 100 table games and around three high-limit rooms. In order to make things even more exciting, the owners had the bright idea of breaking down the place into nine plazas as each one of them is themed according to a particular city.

Be it the Beijing Gaming Plaza or the New York Plaza, this casino boasts of things that other establishments can only dream of. As a popular casino, it has appeared in several casino magazines because the biggest in the business always gets the biggest applause.

While Venetian Macau has an 18-hole golf course, WinStar World Casino went a step further to include a 36-hole golf course, a world-class pool and more. However, some players will continue to prefer the online gaming space that also includes casino no deposit bonuses and more. 
Due to that, it is all about getting the kind of experience that you need.

•City of Dreams

With 448,000 square feet of space, the City of Dreams provides you with around 450 gaming tables, more than 1,500 machines and also a giant waterfall accompanied by a virtual aquarium that seems like something you would get to see in space.
The fish are obviously digital and they swim around on huge LED screens that will sum up to be something that you will constantly look at and admire. Since world-class casinos always offer more than just gambling, at the City of Dreams, you can look forward to a spa treatment. 
Yes, that’s right. If gambling has got you tired, you can look up to their spa treatment to relieve tension and get it all out. While their gaming options don’t go overboard in number like some of the best online casinos, the casino boasts of other features in order to compensate.

• MGM Cotai

Apart from gaming, one could also argue that it is glamour and glitz that also drives the casino business forward. And a prime example of that is MGM Cotai. As another top casino situated in Macau, MGM Cotai opens its door for you to settle down with 1,000 or more slot machines and do everything that is needed to proceed forward.
Whether you are a high-roller or someone who is yet to learn everything about gambling, the place has much to offer and does so with ease. However, if you are new to gambling, you might as well look at The Spectacle, which is known to be the largest collection of LED screens in the world.

The immersive experience that it provides is second to none and you are bound to enjoy it because it hardly receives any bad reviews. So if you are done with gambling, you can look towards getting things going with The Spectacle, which is something worth admiring.


There’s something that goes beyond any online live casino and that is a property that includes over 6 casinos moving forward to cover 9,000,000 square feet of space. The casino in question is Foxwoods and it has over 250 gambling tables where games like Poker, Roulette, Craps, Blackjack and more are played.

While the casino alone boasts 344,000 square feet of space, you can also expect to find around 5,500 slot machines. As a casino that was opened in 1992, it goes beyond the usual online casino streaming that modern players look for by also bringing in a Hard Rock Cafe as one of its main attractions.

Due to all that, Foxwoods appears on this list not only as one of the main attractions but also as one of the biggest casinos in the world. Thanks to that, it is worth a visit along with the rest of the casinos mentioned in this list, especially if you are looking for a luxurious ride with gambling. 

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Here’s a List of the Biggest Casinos in the World
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