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Infinite Blackjack: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Blackjack is one of the most important games at the casino that has not only grown in popularity but has also converted itself into different versions of the same game. So if we were to pick one game out of the many versions and tell you all about it, then it would have to be Infinite Blackjack. 

But what is infinite blackjack and how different is it from the original? Well, let’s go through a detailed guide and find out.

Infinite Blackjack: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Evolution Gaming’s Unique Venture

Infinite Blackjack comes straight from the house of Evolution Gaming and within a brief period of time, it started becoming a popular format of Blackjack. The game can bring in unlimited players and is a famous type of live dealer blackjack or live blackjack. While you may get confused about the unlimited part, you are bound to learn it all when you understand the rules of this special type of Blackjack. 

So for all the confused individuals, here’s how Infinite Blackjack works.

Infinite Blackjack – The Basics

One of the main reasons behind calling this game infinite is due to its feature of hosting unlimited players. And the trick behind it is to bring in digital cards and enhance the online casino experience. With digital cards coming in, the game relies on bringing in an infinite number of players and helping them focus on what lies at stake.

  • The game begins as usual with the dealer asking everyone to place their bets. 
  • The slight difference is the arrival of two communal cards with which players can either request for hits or stand independently. 
  • So by beginning the game with a bet, the dealer, as always, will place two cards, one facing up and the other facing down. 
  • These are the communal cards and once they arrive, you will be provided with options to hit, stand or double down
  • Choosing the right option will decide the way forward, which makes it important for you to know the rules.
  • As the usual rule states, if the card’s total score reaches 21, you win and if it doesn’t, you can choose between taking the hit or standing.
  • Taking the hit – to take another card & stand – sticking with what you already have. 

These points cover the basics of Infinite Blackjack and they are pretty much what you need to know before getting started. However, there are other ingredients to make note of and they will come as you keep moving forward with this guide. 

So for now, remember the communal cards in Infinite Blackjack and how they set the basis for Blackjack rules

Infinite Blackjack - The Rules

Infinite Blackjack – The Rules

Understanding the rules of every game before you play is as important as the need to understand the game. Whether you are playing it at the field or even a mobile casino, rules are not meant to be broken rather be followed.

  • The game of Infinite Blackjack is usually played with 8 decks. 
  • The dealer will always stand on 17 and initial cards of the same value will be split.
  • Regardless of what other games indicate, dealers in Infinite Blackjack check for the same only on Ace and not 10. 
  • Insurance pays 2:1 and is offered when the dealer shows an Ace.
  • Double down is not possible after a split and no draws to split Aces.

Together these rules constitute one of the rising casino games that are helping people understand the importance of infinite players and how they make the game a classic. However, there is more to know because we also have to cover side bets. 

Side Bets in Infinite Blackjack

a. Bust It Side Bet

Bust it side bet is an easy-to-understand Blackjack side bet where players look towards betting on the dealer going bust. So when the dealer does go bust and when you happen to use this side bet, you will have all their cards, implying the fact that more cards help you win.

While it is quite common, specific players tend to refrain from using it because they believe that the dealer may never go bust. And they are right for a majority of the game since the dealer stands soft on 17. So the chances of going bust come down to a mere figure of 29%. 

Add some Blackjack expertise to the mix and you will understand that the RTP is 94.12%, leaving the house edge to be 5.83%. 

b. Any Pair Side Bet

The Any Pair Side Bet is a particular type of wager that is placed on the first two cards for being a pair. So you will win this bet, only if the first two cards are a pair and lose if it is not. It comes down to an RTP of 95.90% and stands out for not having the best win probability for a genre like online Blackjack.

Due to all that, you need to take a calculated risk before moving forward with this type of bet. 

c. Hot 3 Side Bet

Using the dealer’s up-card as a part of your Blackjack hand is the main part of this side bet. So if your first card and the dealer’s first card ends up making 19, 20 or 21, you will get paid and complete the process in style. However, the big picture lies with getting 21. The RTP is once again quite low and stands at 94.60%

So if this side bet, which combines your cards with the dealer’s, is the one that you believe will work out, you need to consider it over the rest.

d. 21+3 Side Bet

This bet is a special one that combines the likes of Blackjack and Poker as it uses your first two cards with the dealer’s first card to make Poker hands. The RTP for this bet stands at 96.30% and a flush, a straight and a straight flush are welcome factors that make this bet whole.

e. Six Card Charlie

While Six Card Charlie is not considered a side as such, it is an important part of Infinite Blackjack that you need to know about. It states that you can accrue six cards in total without having to exceed 21. So if you end up doing so, you will be the winner whether or not the dealer gets Blackjack.

It is a move that most people place on luck and very few consider shuffle tracking for the same, although the latter is quite impossible for live gaming. Moreover, the side bet in itself is known to be rare in live Blackjack. So if it does occur for you, then you need to understand that you are a lucky individual. 

Infinite Blackjack Vs Blackjack - What’s Your Pick?

Infinite Blackjack Vs Blackjack – What’s Your Pick?

Now that you are aware of Infinite Blackjack, it’s time to look into the more obvious comparison that was bound to come at one point or the other. Infinite Blackjack, although it shares a lot with the original, has different rules that make it more exciting. While an argument can be drawn about specific types of Blackjack like Double Deck Blackjack being more exciting, it would end up as a statement with no facts. 

Infinite Blackjack has side bets and other kinds of features that easily make it an exciting game of Blackjack. While you are free to choose the one that you want, missing out on Infinite Blackjack is a huge mistake. 

FAQs About Blackjack 

  1. What is the RTP and house edge of Infinite Blackjack?

Infinite Blackjack’s RTP stands at 99.47% whereas its house edge is 0.53%. The side bets that the game brings have their own RTPs.

  1. Can we split pairs in Infinite Blackjack?

If your initial hand is not what you prefer, then you can resort to splitting blackjack pairs in Infinite Blackjack just like how you do for other top live Blackjack games.

  1. Is Six Card Charlie the best side bet in infinite Blackjack?

Six Card Charlie is a special type of side bet that is quite different from the rest but rare to find. So the best option of being the best does not come into question and choosing the best side bet will depend upon the situation through which the game progresses.

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Infinite Blackjack: What Is It and How Does It Work?
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