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An all-inclusive guide to Blackjack Side Bets An all-inclusive guide to Blackjack Side Bets

An all-inclusive guide to Blackjack Side Bets

Casinos have always been in attempts to attract more players. They wish to improve their margin; for this, they plan strategies for maximising their profit. Blackjack Side Bets are one of those planned strategies of the casinos which captivate most of the players.

An all-inclusive guide to Blackjack Side Bets

What are these Blackjack Side Bets?

These side bets require wager as small as even one dollar and are efficient in giving greater payoffs. This seems like potential wins for the players, and they look forward, trying out their luck in these side bets. However, it is important for the players to know that the payoff schedule differs from one casino to another, and they must possess proper knowledge while choosing the one to play.

Insights of the side bets

The side bets are basically invented for boosting the casino profit. There are many vendors that keep on pitching the side bets to either online casinos or land-based casinos. Some of the side bets do not survive in the casinos due to the lack of players to play. Blackjack Side Bets have been gaining popularity, and they easily make their way into the casinos. This is because the Blackjack house edge is lower than the others and the Blackjack rules, as well as playing strategies, are also basic and easy to learn. However, the house edge of Blackjack side bets is relatively higher. Generally, it is advised that you choose a low house edge side bet if you wish to get wins and avoid the side bets that have high house edges.

What is 2+3 Blackjack side bet?

2+3 is a kind of side bet which you would be able to see in any of the land-based or online Blackjack games. In the 2+3 Blackjack side bets, the players first 2 cards and the dealer’s up card are the ones which decide the payoffs. Nowadays, due to the introduction of new pay tables, the house edges are higher, and the associated volatility is also great. However, the original version of 2+3 Blackjack side bet consisted of 9 to 1 pay-out for each of the winning hands, which used to result in a house edge of 3.24%. Three cards forming a flush, straight or three of the same kind indicates win in this game.

An all-inclusive guide to Blackjack Side Bets

Does Royal Match attract you?

The Royal Match side bets have been gaining popularity in the live casino since they tend to offer player-friendly layouts which might even result in the house edge of 3.7%. These are basically played on the single deck and multi deck tables. An easy Match, which employs making bets in a multi-deck game, if you get your first two cards as suited, then you receive the pay-out of 5 to 2. Similarly, the suited blackjack offered payoff 5 to 1 and in a royal match, the suited queen and king could pay 25 to 1. Whereas, in the single deck, the payoffs are 3 to 1 for an easy match and that of the royal match is 10 to 1 with a house edge of 3.8%.

What makes the Super Seven delightful treat?

7s are something which is indeed desired by the players. If the first card appears 7 then it pays 3 to 1. In case the first two cards are 7, then the payoff would depend on the certainty that whether they are suited or unsuited. For suited, the payoff would be 100 to 1, and for unsuited it would be 50 to 1. The gaming session would take an interesting turn when all the 3 cards are 7. If all the three 7s are unsuited, then the payoff would be 500 to 1 and to be more fortunate, if they are suited 7s then you receive a superb payoff of 5000 to 1. However, in some casinos, when the dealer has a blackjack, and the player has two cards of 7, the casino would not deal the third card to the player and this results in the house edge of 12.6%. Also, some casinos offer the third card to the players, which yields at a dropped house edge of 11.4%.

Tips for playing the Blackjack side bet

If you wish to try your luck in the Blackjack side bets with safe and smart moves, then it would be better if you remember two things for it. One, avoid placing the maximum bets and two, reduce the cut card placement. You must know that there are card counting systems that beat these side bets. It is important for you, as a player, to understand this fact that the casinos tempt and make the players wager more often, which is not at all healthy. Also, it is essential to know that desires would make you take wrong decisions which may eventually result in losses.

An all-inclusive guide to Blackjack Side Bets
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