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An in-depth Study on the Blackjack Rules

If you are itching for a game of blackjack, you may want to know the Blackjack rules before you sign up with an online casino like Monster Casino. While online blackjack 21 is one game that is world-renowned and preferred amongst most players, another popular blackjack game is the English 7 cards blackjack. This article focuses on this blackjack game and its rules.

An in-depth Study on the Blackjack Rules

Blackjack Rules For The English 7 Cards Blackjack Game

The first thing you should know is that unless there are many players at a table, you play the English 7 cards blackjack with just one standard deck of 52 cards. There is no joker card used in this game and ideally, this is a blackjack game best suited for four players.

As the name implies, players are dealt a total of 7 cards to begin with, so a hand would comprise of 7 playing cards at the start of a game. Whatever card is played by one player would be reliant on the ranking of the card that was played before.

The objective of the players at a table is to rival the rank of the playing cards that were previously played by matching them. After 7 playing cards have been dealt with each player, the other cards are then placed face-down on the playing table. The Blackjack rules for a typical English styled 7 cards blackjack game ensures that the game is played fairly.

7 Cards Blackjack Rules

  • The player seated at the dealer’s left-hand side starts off the 7 cards blackjack game.
  • Playing at a table is done in a clockwise fashion after each player has been dealt 7 cards.
  • Players take turns playing their cards by matching the cards that were previously played. For example, if “8 of Hearts” is played by one player, you have to match this card by either matching the number or card suit. So if for example, you present “8 of Spades”, you would have matched the number. Also, if you play say a “2 of Hearts”, then you have matched the suit.
  • Another one of the Blackjack rules is that once a player has played their entire 7 cards, their participation in the blackjack game comes to an end.

Variations To The Blackjack Rules Of English 7 Cards Blackjack

There are variations to the Blackjack rules of the English 7 cards blackjack game. Below are some surprising variations to the Blackjack rules which are guaranteed to spice up the gameplay.

  • Jacks of Diamond and Hearts which are otherwise referred to as “Red Jacks” act in the same way as blackjack. They do not stop the drawing of playing cards by players.
  • All Jacks can be played on ‘2s’. In the same way as all ‘2s’ can be played on any of the Jacks. So, you can play “Jacks of Hearts”, “Jacks of Clubs”, “Jacks of Diamonds” and “Jacks of Spades” on any of “2 of Spades”, “2 of Clubs”, “2 of Hearts” and “2 of Diamonds”. This also works both ways (i.e. 2 of any suit played on Jack of any suit).
  • Only the Jack of a similar suit can be played on a ‘2’ with a matching suit. So “Jack of Hearts” can be played on “2 of Hearts”. Likewise “2 of Clubs” can be played on “Jack of Clubs”.
  • There can be as many as a couple of jokers played in a game. This would depend on what the players agree on.
  • A card of a similar suit can be played on a Queen. For example, A, K, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 of Hearts can be played on “Queen of Hearts”.

In closing, one other variation to the Blackjack rules for a game of 7 cards blackjack is the “Returning Player Rule”. Here any player that is no longer in a blackjack game may get a chance to return by simply drawing new standard playing cards.

An in-depth Study on the Blackjack Rules
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