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How Effective are Hedging Bets?

Hedging is a way to make your money go further when you’re at the casino. It’s a way to minimise your losses when you’re not playing at a no deposit casino. You probably have wondered about the strategy and stayed away because it sounded underhand. But only some forms of hedging are illegal, and that too in the forex market. At a casino, it’s a perfectly good tactic to turn to so that you can play for longer and play relatively stress-free. The question is, how effective is it?

How Effective are Hedging Bets?

How to Lower Your Risk After No Deposit Casino Bonus is Over

If you’ve used up your no deposit casino bonus, you’re ready to start playing with real money. Whether or not you’re new to gambling, your instincts will tell you that betting on both teams will guarantee a loss. That’s what hedge betting is after all – placing bets on many options.

But in some circumstances, hedge betting is not as idiotic as it seems. In many situations, you can raise your chances of winning (or lower your losses) by betting on a wider menu of options. Hedging comes to your rescue.

Hedging is common in sports betting. You could place bets on different outcomes so you win no matter the result. If you think about it, almost every game including slots will have some kind of hedge bet. The randomness of slots helps to reduce the house edge in a way, at your no deposit casino. But you can hedge by placing smaller bets in a number of games and protect your bigger bets against potential losses. In some cases, you can even guarantee profits.

When is Hedge Betting Effective?

Here’s a good example of when hedge betting can help, whether or not you’re playing at a no deposit casino. Take a game of Roulette. In order to spread your losses and lower the risks of your main bet, you could bet on two sets of numbers (1 to 12 and 13 to 24.) Then you could hedge with small bets on zero. With such a strategy, you can increase the odds of winning at a Roulette spin by as much as 68%.

You could hedge your bets depending on the game. You could split your craps bet into two smaller bets and lower your chances of losing. You could look for the largest progressive jackpot fund in slots and hedge in that way.

But here’s the thing with hedging. There’s an art to it, and you don’t want to do it only to lower your losses. That will only make your game unenjoyable. Instead, look for fun hedge bets at your no deposit casino and enjoy the thrill of it rather than play with the thought of cutting your losses.

How Effective are Hedging Bets?
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Posted On : 04/07/2019

Author : Cameron Riddell