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What are Conditional Bets in A Casino No Deposit Bonus? What are Conditional Bets in A Casino No Deposit Bonus?

What are Conditional Bets?

The world of sports betting is rather complex. While it requires a good amount of skill and an equal amount of luck to get a bet right, sometimes, the complexity of predicting an outcome can make it impossible to predict anything at all, rendering the same as a game of Roulette or tossing a coin. Teams change, players get injured, and the factor of “Home” and “Away” plays a huge role. Even the weather has a say on the win or loss of your wager. However, there is one type of bet that you can place to bypass some of the factors, bring more of your skill and knowledge into play, and make the most of your casino no deposit bonus — the conditional bet.

What are Conditional Bets?

What is a Conditional Bet As Compared To A Casino No Deposit Bonus?

A casino no deposit bonus and a conditional bet may sound similar but let us assure you that they are completely different. A casino no deposit bonus is a type of bonus offered by the casino to attract new players to sign up to their websites. It doesn’t require any deposit to be made by the player to get a bonus in their casino account. Contrary to belief, however, these bonuses aren’t unconditional. There are several hidden terms and conditions attached to these casinos no deposit bonuses.

A conditional bet, on the other hand, is simply a type of bet that you can add your additions to. It allows you to set some basic requirements to your wager that must be met for your wager to go through. If the requirements set by you aren’t met, your wager is returned to you, and if the threshold is indeed met, you’ll then get your payout in case of a win or lose your wager in case of a loss.

In theory, you can set any type of condition and call it a conditional bet. You may ask that your bet only goes through if a certain player takes the lead, or if a certain team wins the toss. You may even compound multiple conditions into a single conditional bet if you want and if you’re allowed to by the casino.

What are the Major Types of Conditional Bets?

It’s important to know that you won’t find these types of bets everywhere. You’ll most likely need to request these bet types as they’re not usually offered on the bet slip on regular sports betting casino no deposit bonus websites.

Though you can technically place any condition and call it a conditional bet, there are some common types of conditional bets that you should know about.

  • Up and Down This conditional bet has two selections comprising of two linked single bets.
  • Round Robin This bet has three selections comprising of 10 separate bets.
  • Flag This type of conditional bet has four selections comprising of 23 separate bets.
  • Super Flag This conditional bet lets you make five selections comprising of 46 separate bets.
  • Rounder Using this conditional bet, you can make three selections comprising of three normal single bets and three Any-to-Come (ATC) doubles.
  • Roundabout This conditional bet is similar to the Rounder but has double the stakes on the Any-to-Come (ATC) bet.

Place a Condition Bet Without Worries

As we can see, a conditional bet is very different from a casino no deposit bonus. Now that you have no confusions and are armed with the knowledge of a whole new complex term, you can place some great sports bets and make the most of your sports knowledge and skill.

What are Conditional Bets?
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Posted On : 24/09/2019

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