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A Complete Guide to Martingale System in Online Roulette

A Complete Guide to Martingale System in Online Roulette

One of the earliest casino games, Roulette Martingale System is fair and simple to use. The concept of Martingale system for Roulette is no rocket science and lets you make some cool wins over and over again. But there are quite a bit of risk. So, even the veteran players need to play on Roulette Martingale betting system cautiously.

Know the Rules of Roulette Martingale System

A Complete Guide to Martingale System in Online Roulette

The idea of Roulette Martingale System is quite straightforward. You put your bet. Select one option. You need to double your bet, after every round you lose and repeat the process till you are a winner. The very first win will land you profit that matches your original amount of bet and will regain all previous losses. After your first win, you can start again. Place the original bet. You can double it till your following win.

Place your initial bet on Red, Black, Odd, Even, 1-18 or 1-36. You can begin Martingale system for Roulette by betting the minimum amount on the colour you choose. Let’s say that the lowest bet on Roulette Martingale System is £1. If you are able to win this round, you will get £1.

• In case you lost the bet, you will have to double the bet to £2. If you win in this round, you will get £2, which will compensate for the loss in the last round and you will also get another £1.
• In the case of you losing again, you need to place the bet of £4 and so on. If you win a bet at any time during the system you’ll always end up winning the entire amount that you have lost so far plus your initial bet of £1. From then, you can start over with a £1 bet and follow the same pattern.

However, the bets can get dangerously huge when you are losing. For example, after you lose in 10 rounds, £512 will be needed to make up for the losses in the Roulette martingale betting system


● It gives you a high prospect of making a win in a short period of time, assuming the first stake is pretty low.
● Provides compensation for losses, in bulk of the cases.


● It can lead to heavy losses, particularly in the long run, as a player has to do twice the bet every time
● Your bets might reach table limit if you lose many times in a go. You don’t get one more chance to do twice the amount of your bet, hence not being able to compensate the series of losses.

Win or Lose – Set Your Limits

Roulette Martingale System is perfect for players who are willing to take the risk or set the limit for 8-9 losses. For some time, the Martingale will show you small wins. However, in the long term, there is steep progression and the strategy becomes extremely risky.

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Post Name : A Complete Guide to Martingale System in Online Roulette

Posted On : 23/02/2017

Author : Cameron Riddell