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The list of must-watch Blackjack Movies

One of the most popular card games, blackjack continues to gain popularity among gambling communities. So let’s list out the most popular blackjack movies that can be very helpful to your gambling activities. Moreover, you can eliminate popular blackjack myths by watching these movies. 

A game admired by gamblers is characterized by a universal rule and a strategic approach to playing the game. Ever since the introduction of blackjack, we can say the game is ruling the gambling industry. You can easily find the game in any best casino online and all the reputed land-based casinos. If you are a gambling enthusiast, you know whenever we visit a traditional casino, the blackjack table is one of the primary highlights and you can spot an enthusiastic crowd around the table.

The influence of blackjack on movies

Not only in the casinos, but also in movies you can see the influence of gambling. Especially blackjack games. In most of the popular James Bond movies such as the casino royale you can spot the characters playing blackjack with a martini in their hands. The “007’ our dear James Bond, is also at the top of the list of blackjack admirers. The major reason behind the influence of blackjack in the entertainment field is the key iconic features the game holds.

Blackjack is often considered the game of high class as it involves a well-stocked bankroll. There is also a popular fallacy related to blackjack that it is the game of affluent people and cannot be played by a common man. This is utterly false in today’s scenario. In early times blackjack did require a huge bankroll to play, but as time flew casino operators and game developers have reduced the expenses associated with blackjack a bit. So, luckily, the popular game is now affordable to all and can be easily found in best mobile casinos and any reputable brick-and-mortar casinos.

If you are a gambling enthusiast with a lot of love for the game of blackjack this article is perfect for you. As we are going to discuss more about the films which were highly influenced by the game blackjack. If you are looking to try your luck in blackjack you can take influence from this list of popular films in which you can spot a lot of blackjack-related scenes and storylines. So, let’s go ahead and get started with the list of popular blackjack movies ever made. Keep reading!

• Swingers

The popular American movie swingers which was released in 1996 is very much influenced by the casino game blackjack. The movie depicts the story of six jobless wannabe performers in Hollywood and how their life gets altered by gambling. The movie brought fame to all of its main cast as it was an instant hit in the industry. The protagonist of the movie is Mike Peters, an infamous comedian who visits Los Angeles in search of better opportunities. But it didn’t work as Peter expected and also his fiance put an end to their relationship. 

This made him devastated to reach out to his friends, the other failing comedians for emotional backup.The group of friends decided to take a vacation to alter their mood of unsuccessfulness and they chose the sparkly location of Las Vegas. 

After so many unexpected turns they got involved with gambling and together they found their passion for the game of blackjack which fulfilled their dreams after they hit a mega jackpot. You can see them using the blackjack surrender rule while playing the game.

• 21

The movie 21 is yet another amazing piece of artwork that is highly influenced by the game blackjack. The movie depicts the life of six Harvard students who became card counters. And they decided to try their luck in blackjack after they moved to the greatest gambling temple in the world, Las Vegas.

The hard events that take place in the school caused the main cast to opt for gambling to deal with their financial troubles of paying the tuition fee and other expenses. This led them engage in gambling, and they found their peace in the popular card game, blackjack. 

They tried out forbidden ways to reap success while playing the game and finally they successfully found the success they were hoping for. If you are a gambling enthusiast and looking for movies that involve blackjack, the movie 21 is a perfect suit for you. From the beginning to the end the movie plot revolves around the game and the Blackjack Side Bets.

•The Final Gambling Hall

There is a popular opinion that the storyline of the movie 21 and the final gambling hall shares similar characteristics as both the movies involve students and teachers who are under financial burdens. In the movie “ the Final Gambling Hall” ,the plot revolves around a math teacher who is highly addicted to blackjack. And, he used to find illicit ways such as counting cards to beat the dealer to win rewards. 

By the way, for your information, counting cards is not illegal anywhere in the world. But, there is a so-called unwritten law around it made by casino operators as they find the players counting the cards during a blackjack session they will ban the player from the casino. So, better not to try it, as it is forbidden by most casinos as it will affect their business adversely.

Let’s get back to the story of the film The Final Gambling Hall, after making a good return from blackjack by counting the cards, the math teacher decides to establish a new team to assist him for which he selects a few of his brilliant students. The story took a turn here and reached a compelling climax as the teacher and group became immensely rich after gaining plenty of jackpots and they decided to open a casino in las vegas with all the money they won. If you get inspired by this movie you can also play blackjack using different strategies and tips like blackjack switch and blackjack betting calculator among others.

• The Gambler

As the name of the movie suggests, The Gambler also depicts the major theme of the casino world and the game of blackjack. The gambler movie was released in the year 2014 and was a great success. Ever since its release, the movie is in the top list of must-watch movies related to blackjack and gambling. The storyline of the movie depicts the life of Jim Bennett who is deep in a financial burden. He owes a hefty amount of money to his mother and loan sharks. So in order to dispose of his debt, he resorts to blackjack. He got into unexpected problems during this time and he overcame the problems and later won jackpots and lived happily ever after. Majority of gamblers around the world depend on movies like “The Gambler” to find unknown strategies and tips on gambling.  If you think you have got some, try your luck today. 

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