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Casino Dress Code: Different Outfits and What Do They Imply

It goes without saying that gambling and fashion are complementary to each other. The relationship between fashion and gambling can be traced back to the early era of aristocracy where gambling was restricted to the upper class of the society and the players only dressed in formal clothes. Over the coming times, gambling became open to all kinds of people, provided they had the money for placing bets and wagers with zero criminal record at a casino. The casino dress code is an integral part of a gambling environment. Many big casinos across the world, along with Las Vegas, have prescribed standards of an appropriate dress code which is mandatory for every player to follow. There are players who even dress up for a live casino.

Having a dress code at a casino attaches a sense of belongingness to the place. People feel they are a part of the gambling circuit. The dress codes also depend upon the type of casino; some may be strict while others are relaxed. With the advent of online casinos, the pressure on dress codes has been relaxed as no one can watch what others are wearing whilst playing games at the online casino. 

Why do we need gambling fashion?

There is not one particular standard of gambling fashion. It is important to remember here that dress codes at casinos represent the financial status of different kinds of people. Very expensive and luxurious casinos will be grand in terms of services, aura, interiors, facilities, decor etc. and will also have a great hospitality staff of stewards, croupiers, dealers, waitresses, etc. to provide a memorable and exhilarating gambling experience. Such kinds of casinos require the visitors and players to deck up in stylish and glamorous clothing. They prescribe separate dress codes for women and men respectively. 

On the other hand, there are regular casinos which do not require the players to make an extra effort in their appearance. They can visit these places for a few good slot games and card and table games in casual and regular outfits.

 What constitutes the basic elements of gambling fashion?

When it is about very expensive and grand casinos, both women and men are expected to dress up impeccably and adhere to the acceptable standards of the dress codes of these casinos. Below is a list of the dress codes that are usually seen in these highly rated casinos.

  1. White Tie

Considered to be one of the most formal fashion wear, the white tie is a pantsuit with a palazzo cut. It can be paired up with comfortable and stylish evening shoes. The white tie can be worn in different ways. But one of the common ways is to pair it up with a beautiful black tie which can be coupled with an evening waistcoat, a black dinner jacket and black leather shoes. A cummerbund can add a bit of simplicity and fun to this otherwise very formal look.

  1. Black Tie 

The black-tie dress consists of a tuxedo that can be paired up with a dark suit or a dress shirt, tie and black leather shoes. Women can don themselves in full-length black gown or cocktail dresses that reach to their knee-level. The black tie is optional at casinos and they are occasionally worn at some grand events, tournaments or competitions.

  1. Semi-formal outfits

This is one step down to formal fashion. For women, semi-formal outfits can consist of black dresses, long skirts and colourful blouses and mini cocktail dresses. For men, they can easily pair up their evening suit with a simple-coloured dress shirt, a small tie and black, sharp leather shoes. Even though jeans fall under semi-formal outfits, some big casinos still have reservation on jeans and capris. 

  1. Business (Formal)

Casinos have become open to formal business clothing. These are the kind of outfits people wear at a formal meeting. Women can dress in business suits or dresses and pair them up with any one of the following: heels, stockings or a black leather jacket. Men can wear business suits with leather shoes and a tie. Playing online roulette can be engaging. Players with formal business wear can participate in a live roulette match. 

  1. Business (Casual)

Most of the casinos go for the second option. Women can wear skirts, dress shorts, jumpsuits, pants or any short dress. Men can wear a casual shirt and pair it up with a matching blazer or a dashing sports coat along with casual shoes or leather votes. People dressed in their regulars and casuals can play at a live Blackjack table. Apart from online Blackjack, online roulette etc. people are engaging with all types of slot games as well. The casual outfits match with the vibe of the slot games and come across as easy-going and breezy. 

  1. Casual wear

In today’s age , players can wear casual outfits to the casino premises. Except for the very formal ones. The casual look is slowly becoming popular at regular casinos. For women, plain blouses, turtlenecks, polo shirts can be worn along with clean jeans and sneakers. Men can dress up in a similar fashion except for the Bermuda pants. Flip flops and shoes are still a big no to the gambling premises. 

The fun side to casino fashion

People may think that they have to dress fancily whilst visiting a casino. But that’s not the case any longer as several casinos are becoming more accessible to larger segments of the population. They are relaxing their dress codes and are emphasising comfort and variety in their dress codes. Some clothes are donned according to the weather. For E.g. people,  on a very hot day in Las Vegas, wear very light-coloured clothes. Players can dress up based on the type of the casino or the game. In Las Vegas, some casinos change their dress code after 8 pm.

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Post Name : Casino Dress Code: Different Outfits and What Do They Imply

Posted On : 28/11/2020

Author : Cameron Riddell