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Vomiting Unicorns
Vomiting Unicorns
0 (0%) 1265 votes

Payout Percent : 95.70%

Autoplay : Yes

Paylines : 30

Volatality : Medium

Vomiting Unicorns
Vomiting Unicorns
0 (0%) 0 votes

Payout Percent : 95.70%

Autoplay : Yes

Paylines : 30

Volatality : Medium

Software : Gamevy

No.Of Reels : 5

Vomiting Unicorns

Play among the mystical creatures in fantasy land at Vomiting Unicorns – a game that combines an enjoyable theme with fun features. 

Game features 

A humorous take on the unicorn theme by including five mystical creatures that cannot control themselves has resulted in the fun and engaging game of Vomiting Unicorns. Those five heroes of the theme are called – Marlin, Steel, Sid, Barbie, and Forest. It can be safely said that the true essence of the game lies in its colourful and well thought out concept. 

The graphics, visuals, and overall design of the game are of high quality and are very admirable. The theme comes with an interesting backstory that involves the unicorn friends getting drunk and having fun at the pub. This makes up for the background, which features the same pub in a dimly lit overall setting with blue coloured clouds underneath the slot. 

The slot contains 5 reels and 4 rows along with 30 paylines that function from the left to the right side. The five main characters rest over the reels as well as on the left side in a bin shaped container. The symbols on the slot are inspired by the delicious food items one comes across in routine life such as fruits, vegetables, and junk food. Their classification is as follows: 

  • Lower paying symbols – Oranges, green apples, strawberries, grapes, and carrots.
  • Higher paying symbols – Pizza slices, hot dogs, hamburgers, fried chicken pieces, and tacos.

Special features 

Another delicious fast food item graces the wild card, and that is a container of noodles. It can substitute the standard symbols appearing over the reels and work towards forming better combinations. With the help of the rewarding features and highly volatile nature of the game, the players can take a shot at winning the maximum potential of the game, which rests at a whopping 10,000 times the total stake. 

Bonus features 

One of the two bonus features of the game is called the Stacked wild or wild reels feature. It involves one of the unicorns on the top dreaming about a particular junk food item from the slot. It is displayed in a bubble over the unicorn’s head before each spin made by the player. If the result of the following spin includes the same food item, the unicorn vomits over the reels and transforms the particular reel (in which the symbol appeared) into an expanding wild reel. 

During this whole process, light is displayed over the head of the unicorn. If the player manages to switch all five of the lights on, the second bonus feature of the game gets activated. This is known as the jackpot spin. When all five of the reels are converted into wild reels, the player earns a bonus spin, which comes along with 6 win multipliers. 

Those multipliers are as follows –

  • 250X
  • 500X
  • 1,000X
  • 2,500X
  • 5,000X
  • 10,000X

A set of light colours are used to indicate each of these multipliers. When this feature comes into action, any random light is selected through a sequence that plays among all six of them. The multiplier represented by that particular light is then awarded to the player. 


In conclusion, it can be said that the Vomiting Unicorns is amongst those slots which offer a hilarious yet majestic gaming experience that can totally entertain the players of all categories.

Game Title : Vomiting Unicorns

Author Name : Shaun Allison

Posted Date : 28/02/2020

Vomiting Unicorns