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  • Super Cash Buster

    Super Cash Buster
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    Bright, multicoloured blocks and roll of dice are the two main factors of Super Cash Buster scratch card game that comes with a surprise. It goes one step further than the previous title in this series Cash Buster by bringing to you better prizes and 2 mini games.

    About the Developer of Super Cash Buster

    IWG has developed over 250 engaging and entertaining games in the last decade. The company has been providing online instant win games to the pioneer lottery and gambling operators. Super Cash Buster is another captivating game from them.

    About the Game

    The immensely entertaining game, Super Cash Buster scratch card game is played with a dice rather than spinning of reels. You want to smash the multicoloured blocks in the Cash Buster zone by revealing a colour on the dice. You also stand a chance to win instant cash prizes and mini games when you go about smashing the blocks. You need to first select your stake by clicking on (+) and (-) buttons. Then just click on the play button to get started. Each bet is awarded 8 rolls of dice. Every time the dice is rolled, a colour will be shown on the front side of the dice. Any block of the same colour along with any matching blocks that are adjacent to it will be smashed in the Cash Buster Zone. When this happens the row of the identical colour in the prize table is filled to match the number of blocks smashed. Let’s take the example of 5 blue blocks to understand this better. If you smash 5 blue blocks in the zone then 5 sections of the blue row in the prize table are filled.

    Extra features of this game include:

    1. If you smash a mini-game block, then you get to play a mini-game.
    2. If you smash an extra roll block, then you get an extra roll of dice.
    3. If you smash an instant win prize block, then you are awarded the amount displayed on it.
    4. Each colour row in the prize table displays a prize amount in front of it. You are awarded that prize for filling a row.


    Super Cash Buster scratch card game is a unique game but not difficult to figure out. The game is highly enjoyable and comes with an RTP of about 88.25%.

    Game Summary

    Super Cash Buster

    Game Name: Super Cash Buster

    Posted On: 15/05/2017

    Author: Shaun Allison

    Super Cash Buster
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