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  • Pentagram

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    Get ready for supernatural wins with Pentagram

    For those who have had enough with cheesy and superfluous slot games, Pentagram is here to explore the taboo genre of dark magic and occultism. The 5 sided icon is the symbol of satanic worship, and though Realistic games doesn’t have any known inclinations against Christianity, the maker has certainly bought a feel of originality to the slot game. The slot game is arranged on a crypt like surrounding with symbols embellished on stone. The symbols themselves have nothing dark about them, and are simple vegas slot symbols. From cherries to the lucky number 7, and the conventional deck of cards symbols, the game has the traditional vegas slot symbols set in a dark atmosphere.

    Slot Specifications

    As far as the slot specs for Pentagram go, the game has been kept really simple. Rather than conventional slot alignements, the game has just 3 reels and 5 paylines to play with. But this limited number of win lines does not affect the playability of the game adversely. Each payline can be bet on from 5p to £ 10 making the game playable from 25p to £ 50.00. This makes the game ideal for medium and low budget slot gamers. The game also gives ample returns to players though its features are slightly unconventional as is the theme.


    The features in Pentagram are not the typical wilds or flashy bonus games as in the other slot games. The game just has one special symbol which is the 5 pointed star symbol.

    Getting this symbol in your reels can get you really lucky, even in this dark realm. The symbol works in such a way that it doubles all your winnings in that spin. But the more rewarding feature in the game is more harder to get.

    As you spin the reels you will notice that there are some other symbols which actually are the letters of the game name. Getting these symbols to align perfectly to spell out the game name can get you some really great rewards.

    The game does have a free spins bonus round and this is the way you trigger it. The free spins bonus gives you 10 free spins, which can actually make you start liking the game though it has a dark ambience and an unconventional theme.


    Realistic Games has done a good job exploring unchartered waters and bringing a good game out of it. Even for its evil undertone, the Pentagram is a game that does certainly deliver what it promises. Taking things apart from cutesy slot game, this game gives a gambling thrill in a different atmosphere. With 12,500 coins as the Jackpot, there is little to stop you from trying this game out.

    Game Summary


    Game Name: Pentagram

    Posted On: 06/05/2016

    Author: Shaun Allison

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