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Aces and Eights Poker
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Aces and Eights Poker
4.8/5 - (20 votes)

Aces and Eights Poker

Aces and Eights Poker is also known as Dead Man’s Hand, this is the latest online poker which is designed by Microgaming. It is a variant of poker game that suddenly became famous in the late 1800s. The theme of this poker variant is based on a story of Wild Bill Hickok who was a famous lawman, gunfighter, and legendary gambler who was brutally shot dead while he was playing poker. People say that when Bill died, he was holding a pair of 8s and the pair of Aces. So, from this incident, the game became popular by the name of Dead Man’s Hand or The Aces and Eights Poker.

Let The Fun Begin In Aces and Eights Poker!

This Video Poker game is played between the player and a dealer. In the beginning, players are given 5 cards. Then, they have to select the cards that they wish to either hold or discard. Cards which are discarded are being replaced with the new ones from the standard deck. Overall, the sole objective is to achieve the strongest hand by using all available cards to win hefty amounts. When one round ends different payout amounts will get displayed on the Payout Schedule and if you win then you will be awarded accordingly. The players can have a minimum bet of £0.25 and a maximum bet of £25.00.

The high-value cards include Jack, the King, Queen, and the Ace whereas low-value cards are represented by all the cards that are below the Jack in the value, these include the range from 2 to 10.


Aces and Eights Poker can be considered just like other typical poker game, except for the fact that it offers high payouts for following hand combos:

  • Four of the Kind – Aces and Eights
  • Four of the Kind- Sevens
  • Four of a Kind- Others

Among all the combinations of hand, the Royal Flush is highest paying and offers a huge jackpot prize of 4000 coins but in order to receive this jackpot you have to increase your bet amount to maximum value else, you will receive a jackpot of 1000 coins.

To Sum Up

Aces and Eights Poker is one of those Video Poker games which is fun to play. The game is a powerful combination of speed, the quality graphics, great scalability, the flexibility and the security. Aces and Eights Poker game also features an Auto Hold option and also an Analyzer Table, these will offer the player the guidance in taking right decisions.

Game Title : Aces and Eights Poker

Author Name : Shaun Allison

Aces and Eights Poker