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  • A Dragon Story

    A Dragon Story
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    What if we told you that in this fairytale, the dragon wasn’t slain but rather it was the one that helped you to get your treasure win? In A Dragon Story, you get to be on the side of the dragon for a change, and enjoy as it gives you some wins that you can look forward to.

    About the A Dragon Story Game Developer

    A Dragon Story is a development of the NextGen Gaming company, which has given some fabulous slot games to the online casino world. The graphics on this game play out extremely well and it makes the game an adventure worth playing.

    How to Play A Dragon Story

    A Dragon Story has 5 reels and 25 paylines in which you have a gigantic red dragon guarding his treasure. Except, of course, that he is letting you have a bit of the treasure because he’s rather nice that way. You can play by placing a wager on a spin and then giving the reels a whirl to see where you land up.
    The nice bit about the game is how you have different options with the way you want to play it, like the Superbet mode, much like the James Dean slot by the same game creator.

    Bonus Features

    Wild substitutions: The wild symbol in A Dragon Story is the red dragon who can stand in for other reels symbols so that you get a complete payline that pays.
    Superbet option: You have the normal bet mode of the game and the two superbet modes. With the superbet and even normal modes, you have little dragons that appear that can breathe balls of fiery wilds onto the reels so that you can win more. The normal mode gives you the dragon in reel 3, the superbet level 1 gives you the small dragon in three reels, while in superbet mode you can have the small dragon appear in all five reels.
    Free spins: Three or more jewels can take you into the game’s free spins mode. Here, you get 10 free spins and your earnings are doubled while you are in this mode. You can even get to see more wilds than usual in this mode.
    Brave Sir William Bonus: The knights are the enemy in A Dragon Story so you have the Brave but foolish Sir William appear once in a while to try to fight the dragon. What you can do is to put him in his place with a well aimed fireball or two. The more you can shoot at him and keep him on the screen, the more chances you have of winning a huge jackpot of up to 1250 coins.

    Game Summary

    A Dragon Story

    Game Name: A Dragon Story

    Posted On: 06/05/2016

    Author: Shaun Allison

    A Dragon Story
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