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Wright Brothers Day: Top 15 Fascinating Facts Wright Brothers Day: Top 15 Fascinating Facts

Wright Brothers Day: Top 15 Fascinating Facts

On the 17 December 1903, the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur made their maiden flight with their self-designed aircraft, Wright Flyer. This was the first aircraft that got patented and Wright brothers are now widely recognised as the ones that invented the aeroplane. Although there are numerous doubts on this claim, 17th December is observed as the Wright Brothers Day for their significant contribution to the aviation industry.

In the United States, an annual proclamation is made by the US President, calling Americans to observe the Wright Brothers Day ceremoniously. The official observance is done at Washington D.C. with annual Wright Brothers Day Dinner where they award the Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy. Another two important Wright Brothers Day celebrations take place at the Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and Dayton, Ohio. Wright Flyer had its maiden flight at Kitty Hawk whereas Dayton is Wright brothers’ hometown.

Get to Know 7 Fascinating Facts About The Heroes of Wright Brothers day!

Wright Brothers Day: Top 15 Fascinating Facts

1. Mechanically-Pro Mum

Orville and Wilbur Wright’s mother Susan Koerner Wright was a mechanically-pro woman who could make anything with her hands, like toys, sledges and what not. They surely have picked proper genes through their mum.

2. The Tale Of a Toy

Wilbur and Orville’s fascination for flights began through a toy at a very tender age. This toy was nothing but a small helicopter which their father brought them from France. Made out of two stick propellers which were held by rubber bands, this small toy was enough to stimulate their imagination to the extent they ended up making an energy-powered flight years after.

3. High School Dropouts

For the inventors of the flight, you might think Wright brothers must have had at least an engineering degree. But no! You will be shocked to learn both Orville and Wilbur had to drop out of their high school before they could finish.

4. First Business – Newspaper Publication

Did you know the Wright Brothers got into newspaper publishing before they invented the flying machine? Well, 15-year-old Orville started a print shop in the backyard of their home from where Wilbur published a neighbourhood paper, The West Side News. The business went on to be a hit which eventually was shifted to a rented space. In due course of time, they stopped publishing and started focusing on other projects.

5. New Project- Bicycle Business

In another business of this duo, Wilbur and Orville not only fixed bicycles but also sold their own designs. This business was also a hit to the extent that it could eventually fund for the Wright brothers next adventure- the flight designs!

6. Kitty Hawk Adventure

American civil engineer and aviation pioneer, Octave Chanute who had tested glider flights had advised Wright brothers in a letter to choose a windy area for testing their plane prototypes. The Wright brothers after building prototypes chose Kitty Hawk of North Carolina to test the same. After testing few designs and prototypes, the brother duo finally made successful flights, not one but four in 1903 at Kitty Hawk.

7. Wright Flyer at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

Due to the heavy wind, the plane flipped several times and was damaged before the brothers could make another flight on it. Wright Flyer is now placed at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum for public viewing.
The Wright brothers definitely shared a cordial bond which led to their success not just in one field but in whatever they did. Proud to celebrate the Wright Brothers Day.

Wright Brothers Day: Top 15 Fascinating Facts
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