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World Music Day Special: Did you know about these Rare Facts about Motorhead World Music Day Special: Did you know about these Rare Facts about Motorhead

World Music Day Special – Rare Facts about Motorhead!

Music is a universal language and does not bear any barrier of country, religion, caste, creed or colour. It is the only language that needs no translation for someone to understand. You could belong to any country and still understand the music from any part of the world. It is healing and brings people together at times of joy and celebration. No party or event is complete without music and it makes the atmosphere positive and lively. To commemorate the birth of such a powerful art in our world, 21st June of every year is marked as the World Music Day. Here is more about Motorhead to amaze you.

Some Rare and Unknown Facts About Motorhead

World Music Day Special: Did you know about these Rare Facts about Motorhead

  1. Ian Kilmister also popularly known as ‘Lemmy’ wrote his first song by the name of the band. This song interestingly the last one of the album of his previous band ‘Hawkind’. Later the song leads to the popularity and success of the band but very few in the world know about it.
  1. Their famous song ‘Dancing on your grave’ inspired another popular band with regards to choosing the name. The word grave which in Portuguese translates as Sepultura need no explanation the name of the band referred here too.
  1. Mikkey Dee is the drummer of Motorhead who has given the longest stint to the band. Though people know that he is from Sweden, you would be surprised knowing he is originally Greek. His full name is Micael Kiriakos Delaoglou which is a typical Greek name.
  1. The band made a quick appearance on the Drew Carey Show in 2001 October. They played their popular song called ‘Sorry; during that show.

  1. Ian Kilmister who is the lead of Motorhead got his nickname Lemmy because of his habit of asking people for money. His frequent phrase ‘Lemmy a few bucks’ got him his name which he proudly carried throughout his career.
  1. For the motorizer album, the coat of arm that you can see was designed by the band keeping all the members in mind. Based on their original country, the design has three lions of England for Lemmy, Welsh Dragon for Phil, three Swedish crowns for Mikkey and the band’s mascot ‘Snaggletooth’.
  1. Wurzel joined the band in 1984 and got his nickname from a cartoon scarecrow back when he was in the army. His association with the military was very appealing to Lemmy’s fascination about the army.
  1. Philthy Taylor the drummer broke his neck once when he was high on alcohol. He was so reckless that he ignored the condition and continued the tour. As a result, you can see a lump on his neck in the back.
  1. A popular song of Motorhead ‘Ace of Spades’ was actually adapted to a video game called ‘rock band 2’. Lemmy changed the lyrics to reflect his own sense of immortality.
  1. Four of their albums between 1993 and 1998 were produced by Howard Benson who also worked with bands like Papa Roach and Theory of a Deadman.

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World Music Day Special – Rare Facts about Motorhead!
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