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Why Egyptian-themed Slots Are So Popular?

The mysterious country of the River Nile could be one of the reasons behind the popularity of Egyptian-themed slots. You will understand the significance of this statement after you have skimmed through the collection of many top Egyptian-themed UK slots. Such slots are the most popular among many genres ranging from movies to popular sports. Here are some of the trends and figures pertaining to the history of these slots collected through gamblers all around the world.

Why Egyptian-themed Slots Are So Popular?

Egyptian-Themed UK Slots have High Variance

High variance means high risks and most of the Egyptian-themed slots come with this feature. It certainly leads to a larger player group but some gamblers don’t like much risk. High variance slots are ideal for players who want to bet big, and such players are generally professional gamblers.

The good factor about high variance slots is that even with one base game spin and one bonus game spin will give you a chance to win an above average cash amount because high risk of High variance slots means they have bigger winning opportunities.

Winning Opportunities

Egyptian-themed slots have a complete range of progressive jackpots. These result in larger winning opportunities. You will realize that most of the names of the slot games that have larger payouts will contain words like “The Nile”, “Cleopatra” in combination with “Treasure” and it can’t be just a coincidence.

High Paying Bonuses and Exciting Rewards

Bonus games like free spins with large multiplier values are almost always available with many of the Egyptian-themed slots. UK slots like these sometimes contain in addition to such bonus games, a sort of mechanism which re-triggers free spins each time you play. So you are able to get a large number of free spins with the bonus game and by re-triggering the free spins.

In similar UK slots, apart from the free spins bonuses you can also get pick to match or pick to win offers. So putting higher stakes may be beneficial once you trigger the bonus game and will obviously result in larger payouts.

Spin Egyptian-themed Slots at Monster Casino

Trying new UK slots is always a great option. Be it Egyptian-themed slots or others, fun should be guaranteed. Talking about some Egyptian-themed slots, you can find many trending titles at Monster Casino like Cleopatra, Cleopatra Plus, Ra’s Legend, Lucky Pharoah, Eye of Horus, Cleo’s Wish, Golden Egypt, Treasure of Horus, Megajackpots Cleopatra and many others. Get in on the action and win big with the umpteen bonus offers in these high variance slots.

Do not run away from trying the Egyptian-themed UK slots. They may come with high variance but that just means you have to factor it in your slot playing strategies. In addition to that, you can play on low stakes in these slots and win a large number of base game spins. So even by playing at low stakes, you stand a chance to win big.

Why Egyptian-themed Slots Are So Popular?
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Posted On : 19/06/2018

Author : Cameron Riddell