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Top 5 Creepiest Monster Stories from around the World Top 5 Creepiest Monster Stories from around the World

Top 5 Creepiest Monster Stories from around the World

Monster stories have always frightened us as kids and amused as we grew up reading legends of sinister characters. Although vampires, werewolves and zombies are the popular ones, there are many lesser known but scary creatures that we haven’t paid much attention to. Here, Monster Casino have listed out some of the creepiest of monsters that could give you Goosebumps at night!

  • Gremlins

Remember the 1984 movie where Billy’s dad brings a box of creatures that comes with instructions? Do not expose them to sunlight or bright light, do not get them wet, and do not feed them after midnight! Yes, we are talking about the rather naughty Gremlins. However, these tiny monsters do have factual connotations. In the 1920s, the British pilots believed that gremlins were responsible for sabotaging aircrafts. There were many inexplicable stories about aircrafts being damaged the cause of which has been attributed to these elf-like creatures. During World War II, posters were released warning of gremlin attacks!


  • Mummy

Yes, we all know that mummies are not monsters but the dead bodies of ancient Egyptian kings. However, there are many stories surrounding the evil created by mummies. In the past century, many explorers have succumbed to the wrath of mummies. A famous incident is about the ‘The Unlucky Mummy’ on whose tomb a curse was inscribed proclaiming death to all those who try to own it. The famous liner RMS Titanic was believed to have sunk in its maiden journey because this mummy was being transported to New York on this ship!


  • Vampire

The Twilight series might have romanticised this fearsome monster; however, the monsters called as vampires have a more complicated history. A vampire refers to an undead who feeds on the blood of humans. The folklore surrounding vampires come from the Balkan regions of Eastern Europe. Even in ancient Mesopotamians, Hebrews and Greeks had vampire notions making us question whether they have some historical veracity.


  • Yeti

The Yeti is a huge ape-like creature believed to be residing in the Himalayan region. Also known as the Abominable Snowman, the Yeti was the terror of explorers and mountaineers in the 20th century. It was not unusual to find big footprints in the snow that compared to that of no animal in existence. Local folklore claims that a Yeti is a bear living in the inaccessible part of the mountains. Many expeditions were launched to track down this monster but with failure. The Big Foot of the American monster legend is believed to similar to a Yeti.


  • Banshee

The creepiest of all monsters is a Banshee. A Banshee is a female ghost in the Irish folklore, with long hair and wearing red or green robes. They are known for their shrieks than can create chills in your bone. Not just that, but if a banshee is screaming, it means that death is approaching someone in their family. These shrieks are believed to be the result of a banshee celebrating their death.


Top 5 Creepiest Monster Stories from around the World
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Posted On : 20/06/2017

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