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The Most Famous Casino Heists

You have seen movies where the hero enters a casino room and escapes with huge sums of money. And it becomes the plot of a chase and the movie runs with the cops going after the hero. So, what if these exciting plots ever took place in real life? Well, there are quite a few famous casino heists that have rocked history and had shaken the whole gambling circuit by storm. Agree or not, the casino industry sits on a bag full of millions of money. So, it is quite natural for swindlers to target this industry. Here are some of the famous casino heist incidents.

The Most Famous Casino Heists

Famous Casino Heists In The Gambling History

Bellagio Grab: This famous casino heist was done by Jose Vigoa and his accomplices Oscar Sanchez and Luis Suarez. They went to the Bellagio casino and tried to steal $160,000 (£110,000) by jumping over the casino counter. Cops chased them and eventually they were caught and arrested. All the accused were sentenced to life in prison.

Treasure Island theft: The famous Treasure Island casino experienced a series of three casino heists or robberies in 2000. For the first two times, he was successful, but luck ran out for the third time. He was making off with £20,000 but was caught. The accused named Reginald Johnson was arrested and sentenced to 130 years in prison.

Stardust Casino scam: This was one of the famous casino heists of all time. In 1992, Bill Brennan robbed around £342,000 worth of money in chips and cash. He took all the money in his bag and escaped. The accused could not be caught, and the mystery remains unsolved till date.

Ritz Casino heist: This was one of the famous casino heists in the United Kingdom. In 2004, two Serbian men and a Hungarian woman played roulette and won around £1.3 million. However, it was later found out that they were using advanced laser scanners in their phones that were linked to a remote computer that predicted the number of which the ball will land. The trip was caught but the judge rules out that they haven’t done anything illegal and they got acquitted and kept all the money.

MIT Scam: It was a famous case of a heist when some students of MIT developed a tool that turned the blackjack odds in their favour and helped them bag millions of rewards.

Circus theft: In the famous Circus Casino theft, the accused turned up after 12 years and admitted to stealing $2.95 million. She was sentenced to five years and three months in jail.

Bellagio robbery: Bellagio was again in news for alleged robbery by a person called Anthony Carleo. He was known as the biker bandit as he rode in his motorcycle, went inside the casino, pulled out his gun and stole chips and cash. He fled with money worth around $25,000. After seven weeks, he was caught.

Mandalay Bay heist: This casino heists was in 2005 when two men came into the Mandalay Bay casino and forced the cashier to give all the money by threatening him with a gun. They could not be arrested.

Flaming Roulette Scam: A botched computer tool was created where all the odds in online roulette went to the player and helped win all the prizes.

Soboba heist: In 1993, a couple stole a truck from the Circus casino and drove into the nearby warehouse and got away with £1.7 million.

The Most Famous Casino Heists
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Posted On : 22/05/2018

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